Pink Skies Ahead Trailer Tackles Anxiety Disorder in the MTV’s Coming-Of-Age Drama

MTV Entertainment Studios released a trailer for the much-awaited film, Pink sky aheadWritten and directed by New York Times bestselling author Kelly Oxford, before a commercial-free broadcast premieres on MTV on Saturday, May 8, with a simulcast on pop-TV.

The critically acclaimed film, which made its world premiere at the AFI Film Festival, showcases mental health issues in an authentic and authentic way as part of MTV’s new-launch. Mental health is health The initiative marks Oxford’s feature-landed directorial debut and is based on “No Real Danger”, an essay in his second book, “When You Find Out the World Is Against You”.

Upcoming film stars Jessica Barden (End of f *** ing world, The new romantic), Mary J. Bleas (Umbrella Academy), Devon Boscik (100, diary of a Wimpy Kid), Marcia Gay Harden (Mystic River, Mackerel), Michael McCain (better call Saul, This is spinal tap), Louise Pullman (Bad Times at El Royal, Stranger: hunting at night), Evan Ross Cameron ()United States Vs Billy Holiday, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay), Odeya Rush (Hair, Lady bird), Roja Salazar (Alita: Battle Angel, Destroyed) And Henry Winkler (Barry, happy Days) Belongs to.

Founded in Los Angeles in 1998, it follows Winona (Barden), who, after dropping out of college and going back home to live with her parents, is diagnosed with anxiety disorder. Doubting his doctor’s opinion – he didn’t have a panic attack after all – Winona is done with his wild lifestyle. Only when things really start to get around him does he reluctantly decide to see a therapist and face his truths.

“Pink Skies Ahead is based on events that occurred when I was nineteen years old.” “It is an expression and my own anxiety is full of struggles. Out of purely self-protection, I have spent my life creating a seemingly independent outer surface, which is my inner turmoil or compulsive and obsessive anxious thoughts.” Does not reflect. As a chalice. A two-year-old woman, I am still ashamed and in denial of my own inner workings as an embarrassing person. Pink sky ahead It was a huge step in accepting myself. And I hope that our film helps others feel less ashamed than their “not normal” feelings.

as part of Mental health is healthAnd in recognition of the powerful role media and storytelling can play in addressing the mental health challenges of our country, MTVE has called on major entertainment companies and mental health experts to change mental health representation in entertainment and national dialogue on the issue. Called a coalition of.

Pink sky aheadProduced by MTV Entertainment Studios and Stampede Ventures. Producers include Greg Silverman of Stamped Ventures, Lisa Zambari, as well as Greg Gilliarth and Adam Hendrix of Divide / Conqueror in collaboration with Foton Pictures and Glanzrock Productions. Executive producers are Gideon Yu and Chris Besko of Stampede Ventures, Zac Locke, Carlos Cascu of Photon. Chitra, Emerson Matches and Andrew Davis Gans of Glanarock Productions.

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