Pete Davidson Gets Candid About Being ‘As Close As You Can Get’ To Ending His Life During ‘Dark And Scary’ Time

Pete Davidson Gets Candid: Saturday Night Live artists opened up about dealing with their mental health struggles and even suicidal thoughts! That being said, Pete Davidson revealed that he got as close as he could to ending his life!

During a new interview for CBS Sunday Morning, the comedian talked about his upcoming film Staten Island King, a semi-autobiographical project.

Also, since the upcoming film on June 12 is very much related to her own experiences, Pete became clear about the more delicate and personal parts of her life.

Pete decides to talk about all the things he has learned over SNL for years, but it is also revealed that during the lowest point in his life, he actually contemplated suicide.

Close I got as close as I could get. I mean, like, testing water. And it wasn’t until I got all the right treatment and the right doctors and I needed to do the work that was really dark and scary. ‘

At this point, he was referring to 2017 when he was in an emotionally dark place and even when he fortunately decided to seek help instead of acting on his insistence.

He was helped at the time and, at the same time, was working on the Staten Island King, which he co-wrote, as well as greatly assisted him in the healing process.

While portraying the main character about him, Pete said that the one I really wanted was for me to be clean. I feel as if I got to speak about it in the most possible way and I could get my story out there. So I think I can go now, let it go. ‘

Pete hit the bottom rock bottom several times, he confessed, but he argued that as long as you are good, supportive people and if you are strong, you can get out of it.

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