PETA Slams Jackass Forever, Demanding All Animal Scenes Be Removed

After the Jackass Forever trailer, Johnny Knoxville and the gang have been blasted by PETA after a recent trailer revealed some of the stunts involving animals in the upcoming sequel. to serve as the fourth and likely final installment of donkey The sequel, the film series, brings back Johnny Knoxville and the gang for a final round of dangerous stunts and grossed-out gags. Given everything we know about these people, jacks forever We can show some of the weirdest stunts we’ve seen so far in them.

White donkey The actors know they’re lining up their bodies for the film’s different stunts and tricks, with PETA taking exception to the way animals are involved. After the trailer was released, the animal rights organization issued an official statement condemning the film for “normalizing animal abuse”. They are also calling for Paramount to cut all stunts involving animals. As PETA President Ingrid Newkirk explained in the statement:

“Jackus stunts are violent and obscene, but if the talent is ready and the wounds themselves are inflicted, it is one thing—however, it is quite another when animals are exploited, harassed and harmed: that is cruelty. The Forever trailer shows Knoxville inciting a snake and a bull to attack, treating a tarantula like a piece of game, and forcing a chained bear to eat honey from a tied participant. Four months before the year, Jackass Forever has already taken the risk of normalizing and legalizing the exploitation of animals. Brutal exhibitors who take out animals for productions. PETA is urging producers to remove stunts involving animals from the film. has been.”

For what it’s worth, at least one scene involving animals has already been removed, but not because of PETA’s objections. Before being fired from the project, Bam Margera had snakes thrown at him in the dark by other actors on the first day of filming, because of his deadly fear of creeping reptiles. Margera was later publicly fired from the sequel and it is believed that all of her scenes have been omitted from the final cut.

Jeff Tremaine returns to directing jacks forever With a returning cast including Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Jason “We Man” Acuna, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Eren McGhee and Preston Lacey. Among the new cast members joining the gang are Sean “Poppies” McIrney, Jasper Dolphin and Zach Holmes. Some of the stars who made guest appearances include Machine Gun Kelly, Tony Hawk, Matt Hoffman, DJ Paul and Eric Andre.

“I can’t stand the setbacks any more. I can’t put my family through this,” Knoxville previously told GQ, confirming that he plans to retire. donkey After this fourth film. “There are only so many chances you can take before something irreversible happens. I think I’ve been lucky enough to have taken the chances I’ve taken and am still rolling around.”

Regarding the rift with Balm, Knoxville said: “We want Balm to be happy and healthy and get the help they need. We tried to push it. I think I’m really into it. I want to say.”

jacks forever To be released in theaters on October 22, 2021 by Paramount Pictures. Whether the studio pulls out animal scenes to appease PETA remains to be seen. We got this news from PETA.

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