Persuasion First Look Brings Dakota Johnson Into the World of Jane Austen on Netflix

With Netflix’s New Take on Jane Austen incentive Promising to be “modern and witty” on the book with “colour-blind” casting, we get to see Dakota Johnson as Anne Elliot for the first time, alongside co-star Nikki Amuka-Bird, to play Lady Russell. was given. Set in full costume. The images suggested that although they were making it “modern”, it clearly did not factor into the style or era in which the film is set, as the costume is certainly in keeping with Austen’s time period. .

The images were taken on Saturday as filming continued in Salisbury, England, and the show Dakota Johnson Wearing a period style charcoal dress and sipping a glass of wine in scenes with Amuka-Bird wearing a blouse while sitting on a tree swing and sipping a glass of wine. Amuka-Bird’s character is a widow after the death of her husband, Sir Henry, and is also Anne’s godmother. In previous adaptations, Lady Russell has been played by Marion Spencer, Susan Fleetwood and Alice Kriege.

While there is currently no release date set for the new Jane Austen With the film, filming well done, it is likely that we will see the full adaptation hit screens sometime next year. The remake isn’t the first classic novel to use “color-blind” casting, which Netflix has its own bridgerton We are also adopting a similar inclusive process. According to Verna Myers, Netflix‘s vice president of inclusivity strategy, the types of racially diverse races seen of late are due to the “inclusion lens” being used when going through the process.

talking to Guardian In January, Myers told the newspaper, “We have to get people in front of the camera and behind the camera. When that happens you’ll find something you’ve never seen before.” bridgerton It’s something we’ve never seen before. We help all of our creative people in content and marketing with what we call an inclusion lens, when they’re casting and when they give the green light: see who’s who, see who’s not. “

She continued, “We had a special person to think about when it came to recruiting, especially for underrepresented groups, and we started with people of color, and we really emphasized black.”

In incentiveIn , which was the last book completed by the author, Anne is a woman who does not want to live by the rules dictated by society. She is unmarried, 27 years old and prefers to be with her almost bankrupt family. It is only when she meets a man she once rejected that she trusts a second time that they can have a chance at love. The story has been told several times, most recently in 2007, but there is also a Netflix version as well as an adaptation in pre-production for Searchlight Pictures starring Sarah Snook in the lead.

As well as incentive, fifty Shades Star Dakota Johnson is currently in high demand, with several projects in the pipeline for the near future, including am i ok?, cha cha real smooth and lost daughter, the directorial debut of Maggie Gyllenhaal which also stars Peter Sarsgaard and Olivia Colman. These candid snapshots originated in the Daily Mail.

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