Percy Jackson Author Has Never Seen the Movies and Won’t Start Watching Now

Percy Jackson writer Rick Riordan is not a fan of big screen adaptations of his work. Riordan posted a few tweets about the films over the weekend and talked to fans about why he liked them so much, even though he hadn’t seen one of them. This is a typical grip that authors often have when books are taken by other people and thrown on the big screen. Fans are usually the ones who are most excited about the change in source material at the end.

In the case of Percy Jackson Films, they are seen by many as a very big letdown. Rick Riordan’s books are considered some of the best young adults out there, so there’s always a lot of pressure to get everything right while adopting it. Fortunately, a new series is in the way of the Disney + streaming platform. Did it to say about Rick Riordan Percy Jackson Movies.

“I still haven’t seen the movies, and never plan on doing so. I refuse to read the script to them, because I care about the story the most. I certainly have nothing against very talented actors Is not their fault. I’m sorry they got caught in that mess. “

While not many book fans Percy Jackson Movies, there are still some people who really enjoy them. Rick Riordan also talked to these fans about why he is not in the movies. For his argument, the author makes it clear why he can’t bother to see the big screen conversions of his work. Riordan explains.

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“Well, for you guys, it’s a two-hour recreation. For me, it’s my life’s work running through the meat grinder when I pleaded with them not to do it. So yeah. But that’s fine.” Is. All is well. We are right this soon… “

The whole discussion started after a fan tweeted that the first upload of Disney + Percy Jackson The film features an editing feature in the casino scene. “I don’t know, but clearly it’s a mistake,” Rick Riordan said. “They should censor the whole thing. Just a two-hour blank screen.” His response was a big shock to the writer’s fans and he enjoyed seeing his honesty on social media.

The Percy Jackson Disney + series is starting to get a lot of publicity with fans on social media and is hoping that Rick Riordan’s work will finally get the right adaptation. Logan Lerman (who starred in the films as Percy) recently said, “Excited to see it! Hope it fits the books it deserves.” A series will allow more of the story to be told over a longer period of time, so we should do something good. If Riordan looks excited, fans will too. You can check out Rick Riordan’s Twitter responses below.

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