Peppy raises £1.7M for its employee healthcare benefits platform – TipsClear

U.K. focusing on family support, women’s health and mental health The Employee Health Benefits platform has raised £ 1.7 million in seed funding.

Leading round is Outward VC, with participation from SeedCamp, Hambro Perks, Form Ventures, and various non-angel investors. The London-based startup says the new funding will support Peppi’s next phase of growth as it begins to expand the platform with its own team and “new fertility and mental health support”.

Founded in 2018 by Mridula Por, Evan Harris, and Max Landry, Peppy is building an employee healthcare benefit platform for businesses, specializing in providing access to “expert support” through critical life transitions . It is already working with companies and organizations in industries such as legal and financial services, utilities and media, name-checking CBI, Aldi, Penguin Random House and National Lottery Fund as clients.

“There are many points in your life when your physical or mental health may be weak, but you are not ‘sick’.” Mridula Por, CEO and co-founder of Peppi, says you and your family need some extra support. “For example, trying to conceive, become a parent or undergo menopause, but there are many more”.

To understand the problem, Porr says that current health services are “not determined to meet these life transitions”. GPs have very limited time to handle queries, and private health insurance often does not cover certain scenarios. “So people often fall through the crack,” she says. “This can lead to many more issues in terms of your health, relationships and ability to be present, engaged and productive in work”.

Until that time, Peppi’s platform is already available to employees undergoing early paternity and menopause. It provides support to a specialist or mental health practitioner, moderated group chat with peers in similar situations, and online group practice for postpartum women and one-to-one chat with over 40 people. In addition, bespoke support over the phone and phone, video counseling to support breastfeeding and baby sleep, or consultation with a menopausal practitioner is also available through the platform.

Peppi states that specialists provided to staff through the platform “carry out accredited training programs and meet the requirements of relevant professional bodies”.

“Recently, we were selected from 1,600 applicants to test with the NHS as part of the UK Government’s Techforce 19 initiative supporting new and hopeful parents during the Kovid-19 crisis,” The knuckle says. “We were able to show a big improvement in the mental well-being of parents, by giving them the right support at the right time”.

Regarding competitors, the CEO of Peppy says people inevitably end up on Google or on peer-to-peer platforms such as Facebook Groups or apps like Peanut. She says, “Peppy is different because we offer reliable, expert-led support to suit you and your family’s journey.” ”

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