Penguin Bloom trailer: Naomi Watts film is about believing in miracles

In Glendin Evin’s Penguin Bloom, Naomi Watts plays the role of Sam Bloom, a woman who survives a terrible accident, but remains disabled for life. Steeped in depression, she finds the unexpected succubus in the form of an injured magpie chick, who was abandoned after falling from her nest.

Sam and his family adopt Chick, named Penguin, who in his own way gives Sam the strength he and his loved ones need to get through dark times. Sam probably no longer uses his feet, but the meaning is still left in his life.

The film is based on a true incident and is one of those stories of hope and goodness that make you believe in miracles. And being an actor of Watts’ caliber deepens our faith in the film. Walking Dead actor Andrew Lincoln plays Cameron, Sam’s husband.

The film’s official Synopsis reads, “Based on an unbelievable true story, Penguin Bloom follows Sam Bloom (Academy Award nominated Naomi Watts), a young mother whose world reverberates after a near-accident, unable to walk She goes. As she learns to adapt to her new life, she finds hope in a non-hero, a small bird named Penguin. January 27, 2021 on Netflix. “

Penguin Bloom starts streaming on Netflix from January 27.

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