Patty Jenkins Knew Thor 2 Was Going to Fail and Didn’t Want to Be Held Responsible

Patty jenkins knew that Thor 2 It was sure to fail. The director was originally associated with the film that went on to become Thor: Dark World And she did not want her to be blamed for the film’s shortcomings. He started talking and leaving Marvel Studios, which was when he brought game of Thrones Director Alan Taylor to handle her. The 2013 film Marvel Cinematic Universe is not a favorite among fans, to put it mildly.

In a new interview, Patty jenkins Discussed making Wonder Woman 1984 And the struggle that came with it. He also touched on his brief time at Marvel Studios while he was developing. Thor: Dark World in 2011. Jenkins has talked about his brief time with Marvel in the past, but it seems most profound that he is gone. You can read what the director had to say Thor 2 bottom.

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“Word showed that I wanted to do a superhero film and, on Marvel’s credit – on a film that didn’t need a woman – they hired me. So, I was always super grateful to them, although it didn’t. . ‘T Work Out. They wanted to do a story that I thought wasn’t going to succeed, and I knew it couldn’t happen to me. It couldn’t happen to me that happened. If they did it It wouldn’t be a big deal if someone was hired to do it, but I knew in my heart that I couldn’t make a good film out of the story they wanted to do. “

To get into the superhero genre, Patty Jenkins had long known that she had something to contribute. “I wanted to,” she recalled. “I wanted to do a big superhero movie later Demon (2003). And I started saying that immediately after Demon“However, Jenkins was not asked about comic book films after that.” People were confused … I got every ‘woman’ movie, any story about women. And I was like, ‘I want to make films about women, but I don’t want to make films about being a woman. I want to make films about women doing all kinds of things. “

After setting her sights on doing a superhero film, Patty Jenkins turned to Warner Bros. Amazing woman in 2004. That being said, it was not an easy road. According to Jenkins, the studio did not know what to do Amazing woman, “And they” deviated from previous female superhero films that failed. “From there, he went to Marvel Studios and passed by Thor 2 The experience, which eventually brought him back after a few years for Warner Bros.

Patty Jenkins also praised Richard Donner Superman: The Movie During the interview. “I had watched that film deeply, and then released when it became a superhero.” “I got an appreciation forever – not for all tentpoles – for some fanatics, a massive film that could affect audiences that way. It’s huge in my subconscious.” Donner recently publicly praised Jenkins and returned praise. Amazing woman To have “the same sense of feeling” as 1978 Superman Movies. You can hand over Mark Maran’s WTF podcast to listen to the entire interview with Patty Jenkins.

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