Patrick Wilson Joins Halle Berry in Roland Emmerich’s New Disaster Thriller Moonfall

Patrick Wilson is set to star in MoonfallDirector Roland Emerich’s latest science-fiction thriller. Charlie Plummer also joins the cast which already includes Halle Berry and Josh Gad. Like almost all of Emerich’s films, it will focus on impending doom and Wilson’s character will be directly associated with it. The actor “is a former NASA astronaut whose last mission, which ended in tragedy, holds a clue about imminent catastrophe.” Plummer will play the role of his teenage son.

Moonfall A mysterious force knocks the moon from its orbit to the moon. From there, the Moon is set on a collision course with Earth. For a very short time, a ragtag team launched a last-ditch mission to the moon, hoping to solve the mystery and save Earth from destruction. The moon making its way to wipe the earth seems like a pretty decent story, especially for these times. Was written by Roland americh, Harald Klauser, and Spencer Cohen.

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This is not the first time this has happened Patrick wilson And Roland Emerich has worked together. The two first collaborated in 2019 The middle path, Which became a theatrical hit. So far it seems Moonfall There will also be a blockbuster, if and when movie theaters begin reopening. The film is not set to hit theaters until next year, so everything should be fine by that time, though we’ll just have to wait and see. Seeing the moon in danger to wipe the earth feels like it needs to be seen on the big screen.

Moonfall Features Halle Berry As a former astronaut who is now working at NASA as an administrator. It is believed that she was part of a previous space mission with the character of Patrick Wilson, which ended in tragedy. It is unclear how big the actress will be in the film, but it seems that she is in one of the lead roles. Josh Gad is playing a character named Casey Houseman, who has been described as “odd and one-of-a-kind”, suggesting that he is working at a higher intelligence level than most. Gad’s character will be the one to draw all the figures about the course of the Moon and its collision with Earth.

Chandni is scheduled to open in theaters in 2021, although no official release date has been announced. Roland Emerich and Centropolis “are independently producing and financing the film, overseeing all aspects of production, financing and distribution.” He is also working with Lionsgate and AGC International for distribution purposes. Emerich has been operating this way for some time and this is the same thing as M. Knight Shyamalan does this to have creative freedom while making extra money at the same time. The Hollywood Reporter first announced that Patrick Wilson had joined the cast Moonfall.

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