Path Robotics raises $56M Series B for automated welding – ClearTips

Path Robotics raises $56M Series B for automated welding – TechCrunch

Columbus, Ohio-based firm Path Robotics today announced the completion of the $ 56 million Series B. In addition, the addition (led by Drive Capital, Basis Set and Lemnos Lab) brings the robot welding company’s total funding to $ 71 million.

Adding another piece to the broader automated manufacturing puzzle, the company focuses on robot welding. The system uses scanning, computer vision, and AI to adjust itself to different parts, understanding that shaping parts is an incomplete science. Add to this the added difficulty of working with highly reflective metals and you get some interesting robotics problems to solve.

“Current industrial robotics has little ability to understand its environment and function. Most robots only tell what they say and do not have the ability to improve themselves. Our goal is to change it. The future of manufacturing hinges on highly capable robotics. “

The company says it is trying to address the shortage of the welding workforce, which the American Welding Society says will experience a shortfall of about 400,000 by 2024. The epidemic has prompted many companies to seek a more localized solution, apparently to a lesser extent. The industry has seen a fluctuating trend in recent decades.

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