Paradise Cove Preview Has Homeowners Terrorized by Someone Living Under the House

In the new thriller, Heaven cove – Quar distribution out now on digital – true Blood Actress Kristin Bauer van Stratton plays a deranged homeless woman who wreaks havoc on the lives of the homeowners (Todd Grinnell and Maina Suvari), in whose house she lives. Quiver has provided us with a special clip from the film that gives you a good idea of ​​the challenge in front of new homeowners Knox and Tracy when it comes to irrational Brie.

The film presents a surfeit of ridiculously entertaining moments that wouldn’t be out of place in a Lifetime thriller or a Reagan-era two-hander. The tone seems to be intentional. In an interview with Horror Fuel, director Martin Guigui (Under the dark) The film is described as one of those fun ’80s thrillers that were produced abundantly in that decade.

“… like Fatal Attraction. There’s some craziness and humor and it’s just entertainment. It’s one of those movies where you just want to forget about the world for a little, 90 minutes and watch it . “

Although “good old-fashioned entertainment” (the director’s own words), the Sherry Klein-written script is actually based on real events.

“There’s a lot of homeless people in California right now. L.A. has a terrible homeless situation. It got worse during Kovid. If you’re going to be homeless, you can stay on the beach, where the weather is better all year . Gol. This has been a big issue in California. The same thing happened with a house in Malibu, people were living under a house because the bottom of the house gave way to the sand. The basement was an open one. Instead of the house. The people in the lower deck were climbing and sleeping at night. They used to leave their things in one corner during the day, so nobody knew they were staying there. It lasted for months. That’s based on is. “

Writer Klein pondered the moment he came to the idea.

“This particular idea came to me when I went out to dinner with a contractor friend who was working on a Malibu beach house that had been under construction for many years. I operated it and saw that after it was over It flattened. Again. The contractor told me that the homeowner had participated in an argument with a homeless woman who was living under the pylons. After this change, the homeless woman was burnt from the house! “

Heaven cove Now available digitally from Quiver Distribution. Watch the trailer below.

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