Pankaj Tripathi: Many people thought I deserved to play the lead role in a film

In the paper, Pankaj Tripathi Lal Bihari plays the deceased, who struggled for his life for 19 years after he was declared dead for his keen interests to take away his property. Actor-filmmaker Satish Kaushik also makes his directorial comeback with the film ZEE5, which is supported by Salman Khan.

For Tripathi, the paper will fulfill a particular wish of his fans. “Many people thought that I deserved to play the lead role in a film. This will be fulfilled with paper, ”Tripathi said in an exclusive chat with

Tripathi also gave reasons why he was associated with the struggle of Lal Bihari. “I had also traveled for 17–18 years in Mumbai before proving myself as an actor. So the fight between him and my identity is the same. “

The actor said that ensuring equal roots made him feel connected with Lal Bihari. “I belong to the same field in terms of culture and language. I am from a place 100 km from Azamgarh (place of Lal Bihari). So his world was not new to me.

Did Pankaj Tripathi feel more responsible as a hero? “Be it a small or big role, there is always a responsibility towards doing your work with integrity and your caliber. Here, the responsibility did not increase in this way, but I knew that everyone would be eyeing my performance. So I had to work harder. An artist becomes more aware in such a scenario, ”Tripathi concluded.

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