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Pakistan Telecom Authority said on Monday that it has lifted the ban on Tiktok, 11 days after the South Asian nation’s telecommunications authority blocked a popular short video app in the country over problematic videos on the platform. However, the authority warned that Tiktok still actively requires moderate content on its app or whether it will be permanently blocked in the nation.

The telecom authority said it was lifting the ban after Tiktok became embroiled with senior management, which assured that it would “moderate content according to social norms and laws of Pakistan.” The authority said that Tiktok has around 20 million monthly active users in Pakistan.

The Telecom Authority said in a statement that Tiktok’s senior management team has also ensured that it will block users who show duplication of uploading “illegal” content.

“Tiktok’s reinstatement is subject to the condition that the platform will not be used to disseminate obscene / pornographic material and misuse of social values. The PTA will be asked to permanently block the status of the application.

Pakistan banned Tikkok in the country even after issuing a “final” warning to the app earlier this month and in July. In its warning, Pakistan had expressed serious concern over some videos circulating on the platform. The Nation said that some of the videos were “immoral”, “pornographic” and “indecent”.

The ban also raised concern (via Takemai), who warned that the move was an attempt by Pakistan to implement top-down censorship in the nation. Earlier this year, Pakistan revealed some of the world’s most comprehensive rules on Internet censorship, which may have badly affected American tech firms operating in the nation. But the rule was later withdrawn after Facebook, Google and Twitter threatened to leave the nation, among other firms.

Neighboring country India has also banned Tikkok among hundreds of other Chinese apps. In the case of India, a ban has been imposed on cyber security concerns.

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