Paddington 3 Loses Paul King as Director, But He’ll Stick Around as Executive Producer

To surprise many, two films based on the classic children’s literary character Paddington Family-friendly adventures have emerged as classics. Much of this success was due to the direction of Paul King, whose short-catalog is made up of two-thirds of bear-centric enterprise. Some time ago it was reported that the king was less likely to return directly to Paddington 3, and sadly, he has now confirmed that this is indeed the case.

“At some point, you just have to stop. It might be time for someone else to do a turn on it. I’m trying not to do a third bear film, which is a huge mistake.”

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Paul King will not leave Paddington entirely, as he is the executive producer for the third film. Clearly, the king has a great fondness for the little marmalade, as he directly describes the first two. Paddington Films are one of the “biggest feasts” of his life. However, the director feels that now is the time to move forward and focus on other, non-bear related projects.

During the interview, King confirmed that the third Paddington film is currently being worked on, with the script now being penned, and even suggested that the franchise may continue past Paddington 3.

“It is not that Paddington dies in the end. He does not climb into the sky by climbing rocket-powered marmalade.”

While this rule is a surprisingly surprising rule for the trilogy, it is comforting to hear that Paddington and his adopted family are happy that it can continue for years to come.

Apart from 2014 direction Paddington And 2017 is the follow Paddington 2, King also wrote the first film and the second film with Simon Farnaby. It is not hard to be concerned about what might happen now with the third film, after King finished everything without a doubt. Currently, it is not clear who will take charge for this Paddington 3, But let’s hope this is someone who can match the appealing quality of Paul King’s efforts.

Different from two Paddington Films, King wrote and directed the 2009 comedy / drama Bunny and Bull Starring Edward Hogg and Simon Farnaby. He has also helmed episodes like TV shows Mighty Bosh, come Fly With Me, And Netflix‘s condition Space force Starring Steve Carell. Raja is also tapped to direct a reboot of Ronald Dahl Willy Wonka Which will focus specifically on a young Willy Wonka and how he met Oompa-Lompas in one of his earliest adventures.

For now, fans wonder what the red cap wearing eunuchs are like Paddington Will get up on his third outing, but his family and friends will undoubtedly be along for the ride. Although King will not return, it is likely that the rest will be the lead cast, including Ben Whiswa, including Jim Broadbent, Sally Hawkins, Madelyn Harris, Samuel Joslin, Julie Walters and Peter Capaldi as well as Titanium Bear . It comes to us from the empire.

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