Pac-Man 99 is Nintendo Switch’s latest retro battle royale game

Pac-Man 99 is Nintendo Switch's latest retro battle royale game

In 2019, Nintendo shocked gamers Tetris twist in a Fortnite style battle royal game. A little over a year later, it did it again, transforming Super Mario Bros. into an intense 35 player retro platforming face-off. Now, the company has announced Nintendo Switch Online’s latest Throwback Battle Royal game: Pac-Man 99.

Like the Nintendo Switch online service’s other retro Battle Royale games, Pac-Man asks 99 players the Outlast Dose of other players in the Arcade Classic – but this is more than simply getting the highest score. Whenever a player eats a ghost, it is sent to the other player’s screen as a “jammer pack-man”, which can reduce a player’s speed and make them the target of the ghosts. Managing power-ups and carefully targeting opponents will be the key to outpacing other players.

The game starts for free Nintendo Switch Online Customer April 7, 2021 at 6 pm PST, but paid add-on packs, single-player modes and themes will also be available for purchase. Super Mario 35 may be there, but it is clear that Nintendo is not done yet with this unique game format.

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