Oscar Isaac Officially Confirmed as Marvel’s Moon Knight

Marvel Studios has officially confirmed the casting of Oscar Issac as the titular superhero Moon Knight, And the actor provided our first glimpse into the live-action Mark Spector. It was previously reported that Marvel was on board for Disney + to play the character Isaac in a new series set in the Cinematic Universe, but the studio did not provide official comment. On Thursday, Marvel Studios tweeted a picture standing in front of Isaac. Moon Knight The artwork is making their casting 100% official.

“‘We are the moonlight’ – Oscar Isaac, “The tweet reads. Since the project is currently filming in Budapest, it also tells us how Isaac will appear as Mark Spector in the series, even if we only get to see the top part of his head. Not so much, but it’s certainly enough to catch the attention of Marvel Comics fans who are excited to see the story. Moon Knight Finally coming to MCU.

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Moon Knight, aka Mark Spector, was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin for Marvel Comics. The character is a former American marine with antisocial identity disorder who becomes a drain for Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god. Each of Mark’s personalities are different characters, making Moon Knight a truly unique superhero that is the most different in the MCU. Marvel chief Kevin Feige has also teased that the six-episode series will feature a lot of action.

“It’s been a while since we have an action hero who jumps out of buildings and gets into fights,” Feige told Amy Magazine last year. “Mental illness is a unique aspect of the program.”

Isaac comes into this role with a feel for the Marvel film, though this is his first foray into the MCU. He previously played the role of villain Apocalypse in the 2016 film X male apocalypse For 20th Century Fox. The actor is also known for playing the role of Poe Dameron Star wars Won Golden Globe for her roles in films and on HBO Show me a hero. This year, he will appear as part of Dennis Villanueve’s ensemble Dune Which will premiere on 1 October.

It has also been reported that Ethan Hawke will play the role of villain in the series, with Mal Kailamavi also in a mysterious role. Jeremy Slater produced the series and executive produced with Kevin Feige, Louis D’Aspocito and Victoria Alonso. Mohammed Dibb and the directorial duo of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead have also reportedly joined the series. Slater serves as the lead author.

Moon Knight Disney + follows several other shows before it as an MCU-set series. These shows started at the beginning of the year with Wandavision, Then similarly successful Falcon and Winter Soldier. The fun will continue bottle gourd Set to premiere on June 9, followed by other shows such as Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, She hulk, Armor battle, And Secret attack.

There is currently no release date for this Moon Knight, But the series is planned to be released sometime in 2022. This news comes to us Marvel studios.

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