Original Silver Surfer Actor Doug Jones Would ‘Jump at the Chance’ to Return in the MCU

Doug Jones for a star in “Will Jump at the Chance” Silver Surfer The film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jones previously played the character in 2007 Fantastic Four: Uday’s Silver Surfer, Which was not a hit with critics or fans. However, Marvel Comics fans were excited to see Norin Red on the big screen and were hoping to have a spin-off film in the near future. J. Michael Straczynski was hired by Fox in 2007 to script the spin-off, but it never resulted.

In 2018, Fox decided to bring Brian Vaughn Silver Surfer The film, however, would later be linked to the acquisition of Fox by Disney. Now, Marvel Studios has all of Fox’s assets already under its umbrella, including Fantastic Four And X Men Characters. In a new interview, Doug Jones was asked whether he would play the role of Noreen Red again. He had to say this.

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“If they were going to bring Silver Surfer back to the film, [if] It was given to me, I would jump at the chance. I loved playing with him. He was so brave and angelic and Christlike. He is the kind of superhero I want to have in my real life. And beautiful. He had the best ass I’ve ever had on film. So if I can play him again, I’ll jump at the chance, definitely. “

Doug jones Featured norin red Fantastic Four Sequel, but his voice was provided by Laurence Fishburne. So far, it is unclear what Marvel Studios plans to do with the properties of Fox that they acquired recently. The overall goal is to include them, though only Marvel Studios owner Kevin Feige knows how it will work.

Antman Author Adam McKay has stated that A. Silver Surfer He topped the list for making films. “That’s what I want to do. I have to do anything Silver Surfer, “He said back in 2018.” Blind … You can do what Wachowski did speed Racer, With Silver Surfer. At the same time, there is a great emotional story, where a man has to make a choice to save his planet. “Many comic book fans agree with McKay and hope that Kevin Feige has a concrete plan to bring back Noreen Red. For larger screens.

To include as X Men Characters in the MCU, it appears that Marvel Studios can do this in a subtle way. The Wakanda Files book was released earlier this week and it contains a ton of MCU information inside it, suggesting that QuickSilver and Scarlett Witch may have been mutants throughout this time. It certainly looks like something is going on to bring it back Fantastic Four And X Men MCU to the characters. The interview with Doug Jones was originally conducted by Comic Book.

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