Operation Java on Zee5: The police procedural drama gives us a reality check

Operation Jawa, the first film directed by Tharun Murthy, is a police procedural drama, which recently debuted on the streaming platform Zee5. The film begins in the midst of a raging controversy that shook the Malayalam film industry – an investigation into the Premam piracy case.

Two idiots, Anthony George (Balu Varghese) and Vinay Dasan (Lukman), go to the cyber cell with their findings to show that the official investigation was going in the wrong direction. He initially faced deep disapproval by the police Bashir (played by Prashant Alexander). But, thanks to the patience and maturity of top cop Prathapan (Irshad) and Joey (Beenu Pappu), Anthony and Vinaya get an opportunity to share their findings.

The Prem Piracy controversy is probably six years old today, but it still calms your curiosity. The cyber cell had concluded that the general suspect, TamilRockers, was the first to upload the film to the Internet and had also made some arrests locally in connection with the case. However, Anthony and Vinay have evidence that it was first uploaded in Kerala before it was aired by TamilRockers. This pair limits it to one Babu Raj. Including director Priyadarshan’s alleged role in sabotaging the director Premam’s box office collection, throws some other red herd at us, so that the film does not beat her friend Mohanlal’s archive record of Dishyam. This angle is so juicy that it can be ignored so the police feel compelled to investigate it. This is a deadlock, of course.

However, investigations reveal how ready the cyber cell is to deal with cyber crimes. You cannot separate the cyber cell department from the regular police department. While criminals are rapidly evolving and adopting virtual worlds, our Internet police are still trapped in the archaic process. No high-speed computer, gadgets, knowledge, or imagination are required to prevent crimes occurring in the virtual world. This shows the need for a new thinking to handle new age crimes.

The narrative structure of Operation Java seems to be inspired by director Abrid Shine’s hit procedural film, action hero Biju. Where action hero Biju showed us how policing has evolved over the years, Operation Java gives us a reality check. The film shows us that if the authorities should face the emerging challenges of the 21st century, then there is a lot of scope for improvement.

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