On lying AIs – ClearTips

On lying AIs – ClearTips

A yellow-eyed cat flaps its eyes at the camera, rising above a gray bedspread. ‘London Trip’ is the AI ​​title for this photo-montage ‘Memory’, taken from the depth of my iPhone camera-roll. It offers a sad score of piano and violin widely selected. The algorithm has calculated that it should tug at the heart wires.

Cut a crop of desks with a 2FA device resting on the laptop case. It is not all photogenic. On a shot of the couch in the living room. It is empty. The camera tilts towards a radio on the sidewalk. Should we be worried about the invisible person? The staging invites esoteric questions.

Cut to an outdoor scene: a huge tree stretched above an iron park fence. Another horrific day in the city. Also a freak jerk of orange. A piece of folk art? A Glass-Blown Installation? There is no time to investigate or inquire. AI is moving forward. Its banks have more data deposits.

Cut to a conference speaker. White, male, beside, she is insecticide against a naval wall sealed with some kind of insignia. The photo is of low quality, snatched away from the audience in a hurry, details too fuzzy to be taken out. Still, the camera distracted, tiring vistas throughout. A wider angle shows the conference signage for something called ‘Health X’. This long distance press event rings a dim bell. Another unpleasant crop: my voice recorder with a brick wall next to an iced coffee. I think I am working from a coffee shop.

upon us. A snap through the window frame of a well-kept garden, a bird-bath sprouts from low bushes. Another shot of the bush shows a staircase placed along a brick wall. I think it looks like a church garden in Southwark, but I honestly can’t tell. No problem. AI has lost interest. It is now emphasizing the billboard of a Google Play ad: “To find all the tracks you have and millions more – try it now,” the text reads atop an experienced JCDecaux brand stamp.

There is no time to consider it because it makes sense It was suddenly night. it must be; My bedside lamp is lit. Or is it? We are now back in the day room with daylight and a book called ‘Nikolsky’ (whatever happens is about separation and connection and random artifacts – though its artistic narrative succeeds) Huh.

Cut a handful of berries into a cup. Cut an alien-looking wall piece that I know grows in the neighborhood. The score is actually rising now. A Little Female vocal lands on cue to take a wily selfie.

I look unaffected. I have so many questions.

Ai is not quite finished. For the finale: a poorly fenced crop of garden fence and a courtyard of weeping pot plants behind the pot. The music fades, the machine almost forming its London journey. The last shot catches sight: someone’s hand is half-drunk punching.

Go home algorithm, you are drunk.

Foot Note: Apple has stated that the device-device machine learning power iOS “Intelligent Photos Experience” that analyzes every photo in a user’s photo library using on-device machine learning. [to] Provide a personalized experience for every user ”- with advanced processing slate to include visual classification, composition analysis, identification of people and pets, quality analysis and facial expressions.

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