On J-Hope’s birthday, his 8 dance videos that are sure to make BTS ARMY go gaga

From their dance moves to their smiling faces, BTS member J-Hope is known for all things optimistic in a K-pop band. J-Hope, also known as Hobie, is one of the bands that takes over during dance sessions but usually has a goofball when the band interviews.

On the eve of his 26th birthday, J-Hope had a chat with ARMY on VYY and Weavers and they gave him a tour of his room, where he showed them his prized billboard poster and his ‘Chicken Nugget’ pillow.

In the seven-member Korean band, J-Hope sits right in the middle, younger than Jin, RM, and Suga, but is like Jimin, Wei, and Jungkook’s older brother, and this makes him a measure of the band’s balance. It is well known that it was RM, Suga and J-Hope who were chosen as the first three members of the band by the Big Hit labels and Hobie has previously stated that with two rappers, he always felt he was as good Not as him but when the full band was formed, Hobie believed his strength was in dance. However with Solo Tracks like Chicken Noodle Soup, Daydream, Airplane and their Mixtape Hope World, J-Hope has proved that he tries everything he does.

On J-Hope’s birthday, check out some of his best dance videos:

When he was laser-focused in rehearsals

When his dance moves were ‘dynamite’

When they gave some major dance goals to ARMY

When he was a ‘boy with love’

When he came into his element during ‘Mike Drop’

When the beat of ‘Idol’ did justice to his energy

When they replaced a corner with ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’

How does Hobie proceed like this as well?

Happy birthday hobby!

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