Olivia Rodrigo Responded to SNL’s “Driver’s License” Sketch

Olivia Rodrigo Alludes to Tearful Inspiration Behind "Drivers License"

Olivia Rodrigo Just hit a major milestone than getting his driver’s license: a major mention on Shanivari Night Live.

On February 20, Shanivari Night Live Featured it High School Musical: Music: SeriesStar’s hit song “Driver’s license” starring sketch Bridgerton Breakout actor Reggae-gene page. In the skit, a flock of bros play pool when Page heads to the jukebox to play Rodrigo’s disastrous breakup.

While people Kate Mackinnon As an elderly Italian man, because Of course-Economically dismiss the song, it’s just a moment later that they reveal they are already big fans, with Pete davidson Words for the chorus emotionally.

In fact, Beck Bennett Even states that he “heard the news or something” that the track is about HSM The crew then unpack the alleged split between Page with Rodrigo and his co-star (and unconfirmed “driver’s license” muse). Joshua Bassett. Naturally, the whole thing ends with people attaching weapons and exiting Rodrigo’s killer bridge.

The feud with Page and Davidson ends in a comparison between Rodrigo and Taylor Swift, Which is a personal idol of Kishore.

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