Old First Reactions Arrive, Has M. Night Shyamalan Made a Horror Masterpiece?

It’s no secret that M. Night Shyamalan is making changes to the ending of his new film Old Till last month, which is great for the film due for a general release starting this Friday. Critics have begun to air their thoughts on the supernatural thriller, which sees a family discovering a beach that makes them old so quickly that their lives end in one day. So the question is, how is the film going with the first watchers?

Well it seems that M. Night Shyamalan He may have another hit on his hands as the first critic reviews in general get the word out that this is one of his better films of the past few years, and may as well be a masterful mix of horror and drama. Do you check yourself more often for new wrinkles? Here are some reactions to the film.

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Sean O’Connell of CinemaBlend said, “Gets so creative with M. Night Shyamalan Old. His camera work is exciting with some of the most bold and aggressive filmmaking techniques I’ve seen from him. The visuals are a bit stronger than the story, but damn it, Thomasin Mackenzie continues to amaze.” Fellow CinemaBlend critic Mike Reyes noted that the film, although “clunky” to begin with, gained momentum, saying, “When #OldMovie is playing, it flies like a bat from hell. While the film gets off to a slow, clumsy start, it eventually becomes a body horror that somehow successfully juxtaposes with the emotional family drama. Absolutely summer fun from M. Night Shyamalan.”

Gizmodo’s Germaine Lussier suggested it was the director’s best effort in more than two decades, citing it as his best since unbreakable. She continued, “It’s an intense, unbelievable thriller made with tragic ecstasy and surprising emotions. It’s hard to watch and I loved every second of it.” Critics’ Choice member Fico Congiano drew comparisons to a certain famous shark movie for its ability to annoy people from going to the beach. He said, “Thanks @MNightShyamalan! I haven’t been afraid of the beach since Jaws, and now #OldTheMovie had me in full suspense and stress mode the whole time. Really enjoyed the premise and themes of it. An upset, Be prepared to spend a bonkers holiday in heaven. Def check it out.”

It seems like overall first impressions for Old are good, and considering how much of Shyamalan’s work has been cursing in recent times, it’s about time we had a good movie featuring the guy. Which gave one of the biggest twists in cinema. history with the sixth Sense And have struggled to match it ever since. the basis of Old is unique and appears to have paid well for directing, co-producing and writing the film in its loose adaptation of the graphic novel, sandcastle. The film’s cast includes an ensemble cast of Gael García Bernal, Thomasin McKenzie, Eliza Scanlen, Alex Wolff, Aaron Pierre, Vicky Cripps, Rufus Sewell and Ken Leung. Old Comes to theaters on Friday.

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