How To Join Olaplex Lawsuit? Payment Dates, Settlement Status, Eligibility

Know the essential details of the Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit: How To Join Olaplex Lawsuit? Payment Dates, Settlement Status, Eligibility. Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit was started the previous year when several complaints were reported against the company when customers faced hair issues. Read the latest news from this article.

Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit

The products that can strengthen and nourish the hair could also be the reason for their excessive loss, which was a surprise for the company and the potential buyers, The claimants have shared the claim with the lawsuit that the company is not selling them up to the mark products. Kim Kardashian has advertised the products as the top influencer on social media.

When the products were launched in the market, their value was around $14 Billion. However, the value is decreased due to the wide range of cases charged to the company. Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit is about a scenario where customers lose their hair strands more than usual. The report of the company of the last year, 2023, suggests that the products have caused scalp irritation, itching, dryness, hair breakage, and other hair issues.

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is the leading haircare product-selling company that distributes the products via the retailers or the salons. There are millions of customers who are assured of the products that are sold by the company. They are quite happy with the product usage and the benefits.

Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit

Major hair problems such as hair fall, hair damage, hair breakage, or dryness can be treated with the products. Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate is the key ingredient that has been used in the production since 2014. California Garage has been chosen as a perfect place to complete the experiment for the production creation. The company has generated good revenue in the past years with the continuous development and enhancement of its products.

The recent case from the Olaplex company

Most of the salons in the USA use Olaplex products for cleaning, styling, and conditioning their customers’ hair. Though the testimonials have been represented by the company’s officials and the influencers, such a skin issue still occurs. This was not a direct acceptance case with the form. However, the total number of cases has compelled the company to make a settlement.

The customers are approaching lawsuits because the company must give them prior information regarding the product contents that would have helped them combat the hair issues. Hair is sensitive to some people, it takes a lot of time to grow back.

The case was started when during the initial public offering of OLAPLEX, the European Union banned the ingredient of the company that was lilial. The officials said that it is toxic for use. The firm has justified that it is fine to remove the ingredient because it was not an active one and will not affect the whole composition.

Around 30 women were registered, and they mentioned that the company’s products have led to bald spots, hair falls, and major concerns. The investigation of the case has given the facts that fewer contents are harmful to the scalp. These include ascorbic acid, sodium benzoate, panthenol, and more. The combination of these contents produces a compound that is known as a carcinogen that is not good for hair health.

How To Join Olaplex Lawsuit?

To Join the Olaplex Lawsuit, the people must check their eligibility. They have to submit the product container with the total amount that was used by now, the medical reports that give proof of the adverse hair condition, proof of residency, the bill/receipt (offline or online receipts), photographs of the product and your hair issue, attach the screenshot of the message or email if you have done and more.

The applications have to be submitted on the company’s official settlement website. After the application submission, the Settlement Status can be checked from the same portal. The settlement information would be provided on the registered email ID of the recipients.

Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit Payment Dates 2024

The company has delivered the statements to the concerned authorities that their products are safe to use. There are no such contents that could cause hair issues. The officials continued by stating that the tests have been made at third-party laboratories that assured efficacy in the hair products. The case has been shifted to the court where the authorities have asked the company that many consumers are dealing with serious hair health issues such as dermatitis.

The case is still running and the officials are collecting more clues that could drive through the justice of the individuals. Thus, the applicants will have to wait for some time to know the payment date.


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