Official Star Wars Map Offers New Insight Into This Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star wars Fans who are interested in learning more about the geography of distant galaxies are far away. Upcoming book Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Traveler’s Guide to Wallet This means a companion piece to the theme park expansion opened at Disneyland and Disney World last year. But the book has a map, charting tons from the franchise to give the planets some insight and perspective.

The map consists entirely of more than 100 planets that reflect the entirety of the franchise. Well-known planets from the films such as Nabbu, Tatuin, Coruscant and Mustafar are listed, with lesser-known destinations such as Ullas Ensalem and Sage. The TV side of Star Wars includes Moreband, Sulst, Lothal and others. Perhaps the most interesting planet of all is Xibariz, from a canceled video game using the name “Project Ragag”. There are some possible implications of this. Or it may be just a deep Easter egg.

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Interesting revelations are to be made. For one, Ach-To, the planet Luke had cast himself upon it, drawing heavily on it The last jedi, With other planets nearby, is on the far edge of the map. It certainly is what made it so hard to find. The book’s page also includes a description of the location of Batu, which is located in the outer rim. The details are as follows.

“As you see, Batou is at the western end of the outer rim, situated on the edge of the known and unknown. It is precisely this place that has shaped the planet’s history. Prior to advanced hyperspace capabilities, Batu’s position has Has made it a commotion. Fuel stops for ships going into wild space. With advances in technology and well-charted hyperlanes, most modern travelers choose to bypass Betu, resulting in planet adventurers. K becomes an intersection and a shelter for those who love life in the shade. “

A map key is also provided, indicating the kind of world the reader is looking at, Core World, Inner Rim, Outer Rim, Hutt Space or something else. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Traveler’s Guide to Wallet Written entirely in the world. It is believed that the reader is a visitor from another part of the galaxy seeking recommendations for eating, shopping and viewing.

It does not appear that every single planet in the Star Wars galaxy is known in this map. But for those who are longtime fans, this is a well thought out resource that gives us some events and even a new way to see the characters in the franchise. Star Wars Galaxies Edge: Travelers Guide to Batu Is set to hit stores on June 23. Do see the map for yourself. This image originally popped up on Reddit.

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