Check the information about CPP+OAS = XXXX? How Much Will You Get as CPP and OAS Combined? Full Benefits Explained from this article. Various details regarding CPP+OAS = XXXX? How Much Will You Get as CPP and OAS Combined? Full Benefits Explained and other substantial information are included in this article.


Both CPP and OAS substantially help Canadians when they retire. Many people rely on OAS and CPP payments, as they become a major source of income for senior citizens. Additionally, people use the CPP and OAS while planning for their retirement.

The total amount that they can receive from CPP+OAS when they retire is considered when people determine how much they need to save for their retirement. However, it is important to know that not every individual receives the maximum benefits of the CPP and OAS.

How Much Will You Get as CPP and OAS Combined?

If a person qualifies for all the requirements and starts their CPP at the age of 70 years, they can potentially get more monthly amount from the pension. The maximum amount of the CPP changes every year, depending on various important factors, such as the cost of living.


Currently, the maximum amount that a person can get from the CPP is $1,306.57 per month. On average, new beneficiaries can get about $772.71 per month. If the total contributions made by an individual throughout their lifetime are enough and the age when that person starts their CPP is correct, the benefits are likely to be maximum.

In addition, people can also get CPP post-retirement benefits. The maximum post-retirement benefit for 2023 is $40.25 per month. Therefore, the number of contributions, average earnings throughout the lifetime, and the age when the pension begins play a major part in deciding how much a person can get per month as a CPP payment.

Furthermore, if a person is receiving the combined survivor’s and retirement pension (CPP), they can get a maximum payment of $1,313.13 per month. Moreover, if a person is receiving the combined disability and survivor’s pension, they can get a maximum of $1,542.77 per month.

The OAS is another major pension in Canada. The maximum benefit that an individual can get from the OAS is $707.68  per month if their age is between 65 and 74.

However, a person can get a maximum payment of $778.45 per month if they are aged over 75 years. People can also receive a GIS if they are qualified to receive the OAS payment. People should plan carefully to receive the maximum amount from CPP+OAS.

Full Benefits Explained

To receive the full benefits of the CPP and OAS, people should meet the criteria to receive the maximum benefits. Each pension has different criteria for determining the maximum benefit. In addition, each individual has a different situation, and it plays a major factor in determining whether that individual can get maximum benefit or not.

The citizens can use the My Service Canada Account to check how much they can get from their CPP Pension. It is important to understand the situations that can affect the amount of the CPP benefit –

  • If a person has decided to keep working as well as receiving the pension, they can qualify for a CPP post-retirement benefit. People can contribute till they are 70 years of age, and this post-retirement benefit can further increase the pension amount.
  • If a person has reached 65 years and still makes contributions to the CPP, they can use the contributions to replace the time when they contributed a low amount or didn’t contribute at all.
  • People can share their pensions to reduce the taxes by reducing the taxable income.

People can start receiving OAS as soon as they turn 65. However, most people decide to delay their pension because further delay can result in a higher amount of the pension.

But they should know that there is no point in delaying the pension after turning 70. In fact, they should apply for the OAS a couple of months before they turn 70 years old.

In case the income of a person is higher than the set threshold for a particular year, they have to repay the pension payment. For example, of the income of a person exceeds $81,761 in 2022, they will have to repay the amount that exceeds the mentioned threshold.

In case a person decides to delay their pension, it also means they are delaying other benefits, such as Guaranteed Income Supplement. In addition, their spouse will also be unable to get the GIS allowance if that person delays starting the OAS pension.


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