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Check the details about the NZ Superannuation 2024: Eligibility, How to Apply, Payment Amount, Payment Dates, News here. Citizens entering retirement age will have to apply for NZ Superannuation. In this article, we will discuss the crucial information regarding the eligibility criteria and more for your reference.

NZ Superannuation 2024

The allowance is provided to the seniors in replacement for their salaries. Superannuation is the source of income for many elderly in the country after retirement. The program aimed to reduce the dependence of old age people on their families or close ones, even for the basic requirements.

The minimum age to receive the allowance is 65 years. The elders should be retired and above the age limit to receive the amount. The amounts deposited in the allowance are discrete for each individual. It depends upon the financial stability and the basic monthly expenditures. The authorities have set the flat rate of the Super allowance.

NZ Superannuation Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for the super allowance are simple. Retired seniors over 65 years old are eligible to receive the amount. The candidates should not have any pending tax returns to fill out during the allowance period.

NZ Superannuation

The family or the individuals should be deciding in the country for over 10 years. In any case, they should be ready to provide the residency evidence. The application should have the “MyMSD” account to receive the deposit.

How to Apply For NZ Superannuation 2024?

Candidates who reach their 65th birthday in 12 weeks can apply for the allowance. The candidates can apply for the allowance through the Work and Income Website.

  • They can also apply through the”MyMSD” portal.
  • The applicants require the client number to apply for the allowance.

The information that is required for the application is as follows:

  • The IRD Number and Tax Code.
  • Bank Account Details.
  • Birth certificate if any of the spouses is born abroad.

Lastly, the information and complete the process within 60 days. The application will be cancelled by the authorities if it is not filled successfully in the given period. Usually, the process takes around 30 minutes to complete.

The form follows the remembering tool, which means the details get saved in the cache, and the applicant can start the form again where it was left the last time.

NZ Superannuation Payment Amount 2024

The amount received by the individual is less when compared to the couple. According to the report of the Massey Univesity, the minimum amount required by the senior to live a comfortable life is $904. The amount of the deposit for each category is listed in the table below

Particulars For Week Per Fortnight Per Annual Annual Amount (After Tax Credits And The Income Limit Of $48,000)
Single Individuals 578.65 1157.90 30090.84 25811.24
Single and sharing lifestyle 532.43 1064.57 27686.64 23825.36
Law Partners 439.79 879.58 22869.08 19854.64
Only one eligible Law Partner 439.79 879.58 22869.08 19854.64

The minimum cost of living of an individual is marked to be around $4000. And for the married couple, the amount of expenditure is around $5000 to $6000. The funds for this year have been raised to $2 billion, double the amount of the previous year.

NZ Superannuation Payment Dates 2024

The amount is generally paid in the fortnights, and the day of deposit is scheduled for Tuesday. The dates for the deposit have not been updated for the last few decades. But with the upcoming year, the authorities are considering rescheduling the dates. The current dates for the deposit are listed in the table below:

Months Deposit Dates
January 2nd Jan

16th Jan

30th Jan

February 13th Feb

27th Feb

March 12th Mar

26th Mar

April 9th Apr

23rd Apr

May 7th May

21st May

June 4th Jun

18th Jun

July 2nd Jul

16th Jul

30th Jul

August 13th Aug

27th Aug

September 10th Sep

24th Sep

October 8th Oct

22nd Oct

November 5th Nov

19th Nov

December 3rd Dec

17th Dec

31st Dec

As we know, the deposit dates are to be changed. The beneficiaries can estimate the changes from the beginning of the new fiscal year.

NZ Superannuation Latest News

The authorities have modified certain changes in the rules. The allowance will not be affected if the candidates are away from the country for less than 24 weeks. If the candidate is away for more than 30 weeks, the application for the allowance will be rejected. And they need to fill out the details and then reapply for the benefit.


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