Who is Eligible? How to Apply? Payment Dates & Amount

Check the details about the NZ Student Allowance 2024: Who is Eligible? How to Apply? Payment Dates & Amounts are here. The Students who are interested in pursuing their qualification degrees from New Zealand should be aware of the benefits of the Student allowance. for the ease of these candidates, we have shared the complete details about the NZ Student Allowance 2024 in this article.

NZ Student Allowance 2024

The Student are provided with financial assistance during the initial year of their education. The allowance is provided to support the students in filling out the course fees and the additional expenses for the course. The living cost and the food services are not included in this allowance.

The payment is deposited in the weekly payments. The amount is non-taxable, and the applicants need not pay back the amount granted to them. The fund is similar to the student loans provided by any bank more than the financial institutes. The students will receive 100 per cent credit for the expenses of their course.

Who is Eligible for NZ Student Allowance?

The students should follow some basic criteria to be eligible to receive the benefit help from the authorities. Some of the eligibility criteria have been discussed in the below section

  • The age factor for the program is 18 to 25 years.
  • The Student should be applied for the full-time course at any educational institute recognized by the Government.
  • The special circumstance is a qualify for the study at 17 years and the part-time courses, the rules for these candidates are different, and other payments for the help will also be discrete.
  • The Student should meet all the residency criteria for the payment, and permanent residency proof is mandatory.

NZ Student Allowance

  • The ordinary residents of New Zealand should have proof of their history of living in the country for around three years.
  • The applicant with the residential class viva for more than three years is also applicable for the payment.
  • The course eligibility includes the course that the education provider in the country should approve.
  • The students should apply for the undergraduate course or the bachelor’s honourable degree. The special cases in the application are for the candidates as secondary high scholars.

The students who are on break for more than three weeks or on the benefit that they can stay on break while studying will not be granted the allowance. The candidates associated with any criminal offences will be removed from the allowance. The applicant for the other benefits, such as NZ Super or the Veteran Pension, will not receive the allowance.

How to Apply for NZ Student Allowance?

The students can apply for the allowance through the online portal. If they are studying for more than one year, they need to reapply for the allowance.

  • The Student should register to the “My Study Link” Account to receive the payment.
  • The application for the allowance will be generated on the account dashboard.
  • The applications should be filled out as per the requirement, and scanned copies of the required documents should be attached and uploaded to the application.
  • The e-signature, passport-size photograph, and NZ citizenship card are mandatory to fill out the form.

Interested candidates are advised to fill out the application at the earliest to receive the paychecks at the scheduled time. The candidates who have just enrolled in the course and do not have many related documents can submit the document later on with the modification of the application.

Amount for NZ Student Allowance

The student allowance is the weekly payment for the eligible candidates. The structure for the allowance is similar to teh student education loan payment. The students can get clear details about the allowance payment in this section

  • The student, aged 24 and living alone away from the parents, will be issued with a paycheck of $227 per week.
  • The students with certain foster care will be eligible to receive the amount of $379.37 as the weekly deposit.
  • The couple with the child care will be receiving the paycheck of $479.34.

The additional supplement will be issued to the single parents or the parent with the child’s custody. The minimum course fees should be less than $12000 in order to be eligible for the student allowance. The scholarship and the additional grant issued by the educational institutes are not added to this allowance.

Payment Dates for NZ Student Allowance

The allowance starts from the second week of the course. If the candidates apply for the allowance at the start of the course, they will receive the payment by the second week of the course. If there is any delay in the application filing, it will affect the deposit date of the paychecks. However, the payment will be issued in the weekly format.


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