NXT TakeOver Stand and Deliver Night 1: Full recap and analysis

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WrestleMania is a two-night show, so why not an NXT takeover?

NXT Takeover: Stand 2 and Delivered Night 1 set a high bar to clear Night 2, Absolutely great match between the new champions and Walter vs. Siapa. Night 2 is airing on More right now, and between Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly plus the main event of the NXT Championship, the uncapped match, is expected to be an even better show. It’s a tough challenge, but I believe the roster’s … ability to stand up and deliver.

Excuse me.

Night 1 aired on both More and USA Network, though Night 2 would be exclusive to More. this WWE will not air on the network unless you live outside the US. Below you will find the complete recap of Night 1.

Rakil Gonzalez is the new NXT Women’s Champion

In the main event of NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver, Rekel Gonzalez defeated Io Shirai to win the NXT Women’s Championship. Gonzalez ended Shiri’s 305-day reign as champion, the third-longest ever.

Both of these women had less time than the NXT TkaeOver main events usually meet – just under 13 minutes, it was the show’s second shortest bout – but they used it well. Shirai is so awesome, and was in great form tonight. He lit up the ring with fun moves (they call him ‘Not for the Sky’s Genius’) and incredibly smooth counters. Shirai is much younger than Gonzalez, but he is so good that his offense feels credible. The pace was relentless, and the action featured a lot of flips and dives, submissions and outs.

The high came when Shiri hit a flying cross body with a huge ornamental skull in the entrance – a very high dive indeed. He then dragged Gonzalez into the ring, hitting a beak, but only a two-count, which caused Wade Barrett to lose his mind.

Gonzalez rolled outside the ring, then Shiri followed. He hit a brutal powerbomb on the floor. Back in the ring, Gonzalez prodded Shirai with a clothesline and then hit a one-handed powerbomb to win.

Rating: 3.75 stars All this came to Shirai.

MSK wins NXT tag team title

After the dazzling Tigri-Dhamak tag team title match, Wes Lee pinned Jacques Gibson to win the match for MSK.

It was placed at the place of death. Walter and Simpa are tough to follow, but these six guys do it smartly: after the spot. This is usually an insult, but it is not here. The exchange of MSK and Legado del Fantasma was fun to watch, the dynamic, high-flying crime. You didn’t have to take too much drama or story, just you had to give a lot of acrobatics to praise.

But as the match progressed, there was less and more psychology in it. There was a great hot tag by Wes Lee, who hit everyone with a strike and then struck out with several dives. After cleaning up Wes Lee’s house, he teamed up with the Grizzled Young Veterans. He attacks her injured arm, then Zac Gibson kicks off in a submission. Nash Carter tried to save, but James Drake caught him with a naked choke from behind. Wes Lee tried to tap, but Carter managed to hold Lee’s hand long enough for Lido del Feltma.

Moments later, the Grizzled Young Vets dropped a doom day on one half of the Legado del Fansma and MSK drove the other out with their own offense. This led to a performance in the middle of the ring between the Grizzled Young Veterans and MSK, eventually won by MSK, who hit their Doomsday blockbuster for the win.

Rating: 4 stars Great match in a tough match.

Walter defeated Simpa

After one of the best WWE matches of the year, Walter pinned Tommaso Simpa to retain his NXT UK Championship.

Just as it is not surprising that this match was excellent, it is no surprise that this match was extremely tough. Ironically, it was Walter’s chest that was welcoming and blood red by the end. The story was that Walter wanted the vicious, ruthless Simpa, to fight Blackheart. Simpa played his role perfectly, a downtrodden with an ambiguous streak. He struggled fiercely throughout – like a great spot where he tried for two straight minutes to knock Walter down with a running strike – and Walter played the role of a dangerous big man.

So this match actually worked so well. The action was crisp and thrilling, but these two performed their parts so well. Walter is such an outstanding big man wrestler. He is athletic, but does not do much acrobatics, and when he collides with someone you do, because he seems to have demolished them.

At the start of the bout, the two bounce on the outside and Walter tries to slap Simpa while the latter is thrown on the announcer’s table. Simpa moved, and Walter split the announcer’s table top in half. For the rest of the match, he would struggle to use that hand, selling the fact that he injured himself. This gave him a credible weakness, one with Simpa able to exploit.

But Simpa could only survive Titan for so long. After an intense exchange for a chest slap, Walter blows up Simpa with two rogue powerbombs, then hits a dragon suplex and a huge knife end on the chest to pinfall him. It is a testament to how great Walter is that a blow to the chest is a reliable finishing move, but it was certain.

Rating: 4.75 stars

Bronson Reid Wins 6-Man Gauntlet Match

After winning a six-man gauntlet match for that chance, Bronson Reid will face Johnny Gargano in Takeover: Stand and Deliver for the North American Championship. She won the bout for the last time by removing Isaiah “Swaras” Scott.

Scott attacked Leon Ruff before the match began, but Savor got the upper hand before being thrown back into the ring. The match started when we came back from commercial break. He wrestled on a high-octane few minutes, including a rogue flying cutter from Rough to Scott, before the third man, Bronson Reid, enters the competition. The big men placate the two high-fliers, culminating in a quiet double German suplex on both. Cameron Grimes enters as the fourth contestant.

Grimes and Scott form a coalition – after Grimes is paid off – he expels both Ruff and Reid. Ruff uses some terrible acrobatics to escape the grim’s clutches, but he can’t get ahead of the two and gets caught with a suplex with Scott. Scott hits a nice pump kick to the outside on Reid. Then, as Dexter Loomis enters as the fifth contestant, Scott pinned Ruff after an unseen move from Grimes. Loomis then cleans the house, including himself when he catches himself and grims outside the ring and flies over the ropes in the process. La Knight then enters as the final contestant.

The night marked the second elimination of the bout by pinning Loomis. Loomis chokes The Silence at the Grimes, but Knight comes in and rolls Loomis into the mid-submission for the pin. The night ended quickly after that, as Scott and Grimes knocked him out and then Reid made a big splash and got 1-2-3. As Knight exited the ring, Loomis forced him out of The Silence.

We did some terrific action with the final three – so moving that it would be impossible to add it again. But Scott got another elimination when he counted a roll-up from Grimes, pinning Grimes with his own roll-up. Scott and Reid were the last two. Reid scaled the turnbuckle, causing an all-out space where Scott placed a very large reed on the corner of the ring. He then swung Reid inside the ring and hit 450 splash for two events.

As Scott talks to Trash Reid and kicks and kicks him, Reid kicks out and puts a powerbomb to Scott – and pin him after splashing from the top rope.

Rating: 3.75 stars

Pete Dune nod Kushida

The heated match between Pete Dunn and Kushida opened the show. It was a very strong opener, with superb submission wrestling and snug strikes, and was won after beating the bitter end on Kushida by Pete Dunne.

It warmed up, with Kushida going straight off the bat to the Flying Armbar. It sets the tone for much action: these two were trying out Wrestling Across each other. There were frequent attempts to present, and counter presented. A great place came when Dune tried to lock Kimura on Kushida, only for Kushida to counter him with his own Kimura. Later, Kushida tried the same trick in Dunn – a jumping Kimura, or in his case a hoverboard lock – but Dunn used his free hand to grab the ropes. Kushida then switched and attacked the arm with a hoverboard lock. Great spot.

This was not just presentations, as it also featured a lot of hard-hitting shots. Both men tried to weaken the other’s arms – because armlocks were too hot in this battle – so arms and shoulders were normal, from elbow to elbow. Dune also used his joint manipulation attacks, and there was some movement on the entry ramp that saw Kushida nail a springboard elbow off the ropes.

Dunn finishes after holding both of Kushida’s hands. Kushida operated and punched Dunn with a punch, but she was stunned by this injured hand. Dunn then hit a bitter end to the pin.

Rating: 3.75 stars.

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