Now you can buy a BMW X7 that will withstand small-arms fire

Now you can buy a BMW X7 that will withstand small-arms fire

2020 BMW X7 M50i

Sure, the X7 is quiet and fast and comfortable, but can it stop a bunch of bullets?

Andrew Croke / Roadshow

Here at the road show, We are fans of BMW’s X7 SUV. It is big, sure, but it can also be beautiful, relaxing and more fun to drive than you expected. It is also very well-equipped, even amidst its equally well-heeled competition.

During our time with it, we didn’t feel like the X7 was really missing anything, but then we realized that we weren’t heads of Olympic or international crime families or were being chased by John Wick and so We had left little “protection” Weapons fire closed our list of needs. Fortunately, Canadian company Incas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has been thinking about those since it announced its armored X7 on Wednesday.

Exactly what does a heavily armored BMW X7 look like? Well, from the outside, it looks just like any other BMW X7. From the inside, though things are a bit different – that is, it is much harder to see outside. The glass is heavily laminated and some area is reduced. This layering helps the Incas X7 achieve its N1063 BR6 armor rating. If you are thinking this rating would be three direct hits from a 7.62x51mm NATO rifle shot.

It is not clear from the Incas website that the company can make other modifications to ensure that the volatility with all the extra weight remains good, or how much these bad boys will cost, but rest assured, we will comment. Reached for and will update this story if we hear.

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