Now Is the Perfect Time to Watch Star Wars Rebels

Mandalorian Season 2 is over. Clone wars Has wrapped up its run. The Skywalker saga is over and we don’t have a new one Star wars Films have been coming our way for at least a few years. This may leave some fans with a hole that needs to be filled. A lot of books, comics, video games, and other bits of media are taking too far into a galaxy to help fill that void. But, for those who have never seen Star wars rebels, There has never been a more perfect time to watch an animated series.

Star wars rebels The first major project to debut on Disney XD in 2014 was the first film since the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm in 2012. The show was led by Dave Filoni, along with Simon Kinberg and Carrie Beck. Filoni has already known many fans as the man behind Clone wars, Which provided a lot Star wars Story of a time when there was not much happening. This time, Filoni and his team opted to tackle a new storyline that preceded the events of the original trilogy at the dawn of rebellion, with an entirely new cast of characters.

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Happened five years before the events of a new HopeThe series continues the Galactic Empire to strengthen its hold on the people of the galaxy. It focuses on the rip-tag crew of the Starship Ghost, who begin as simple blockers to the Empire, but eventually provide a spark that ignites the rebellion. The crew includes Ezra Bridger, a young orphan who is strong with the Force, as well as former Jedi Padan Kanan Jerusalem, Captain Hera Cindulla, Mandalorian warrior Sabine Wren, Zeb of Las and a fiery Dior named Chopper.

For season four, we follow the Ghost Crew as they compete with the Empire on a series of adventures throughout the galaxy. As was the case with The Clone Wars, when its rungs were found, The rebels Managed to contribute a large amount of Star wars Served as an excellent source of storytelling within the lore and franchise. This was not a show aimed at children only. While it may be true on some level that the show was made keeping in mind the younger audience, The rebels Did many come to incarnate Star wars Be in its best form. Granted, not every one of the 75 episodes is a home run. Something smells bad in the bunch. But the hit ratio is impressive and the great episodes represent some of the best Star wars Of the Disney era. Period.

This is the show that reintroduced Grand Admiral Thron to the current canon. Throne was a beloved villain introduced in the Empire trilogy of novels from the heirs of writer Timothy Zahn. He served as an antagonist for the Ghost Crew of seasons 3 and 4 The rebels. The show gave us some incredibly incredible moments with Darth Vader that could surely clash with that epic finale Wicked one. We get more Darth Maul, in which A. The big Which people have been waiting for years to see. The show deeply enriches our knowledge of Jedi and Force. It is a treasure for those who love this universe.

But it is not just to learn more about us. Part of what makes the show so effective is the character. These new characters are rich, well developed and fit into the franchise perfectly. Much like Ahsoka, which was introduced in Clone wars And became a true fan-favorite, Ezra, Kanan and the rest of the Ghost Crew characters are truly outstanding characters. Not limited to just animation. These are characters that can stand in any medium as a strong representation of the people people love Star wars Universe. Dave Filoni has proven time and time again that he understands Star wars Very well and it shows with the core ensemble The rebels.

But especially at this point getting more, now What is the right time for fans to soak The rebels Due to coming down the pipeline, it has to be introduced roughly. Mandalorian Season 2, at times, is played almost like one The rebels The sequel. It also comes with the discovery of Ahso Tano from the show. We get a throne name-drop. We learned more about Darksaber. And the adventures of Mando and Baby Yoda set up storylines that will definitely be explored in shows like Ahsoka And Ranger of the New Republic And will probably connect to The rebels. Who have enjoyed Mandalorian Can’t yet realize how outstanding it is for this beloved animated series.

After buying Lucasfilm in 2012, Disney made a very bold decision Star wars The canon was quite messed up. Instead of trying to contend with everything that exists, the studio opted to reset Canon, designing everything in the extended universe (except Clone wars) Produced before the acquisition as “Legends”. It not only snatched away the lore from the franchise but also reinforced the idea that comics, books, games, movies, shows would all be connected later. It will all be counted. Ie very to manage. And, what’s more, it puts a lot of pressure on these stories because they all count. If the ball is dropped to some extent, it affects everything else.

Together Star wars rebels, The new era of Dave Filoni and Lucasfilm proved what it could best mean. A chance to rejuvenate the past with characters like Thrones and reunite that past with modern fans. We already love characters like Vader and Maul in new ways. The chance to explore the galaxy with new faces like Ezra and Kanan, shedding new light and presenting unique perspectives. The chance to prove that these stories can not only work, but work incredibly well on television, eventually paving the way for the show Mandalorian. It is a gold mine for fans who are yet to tap this special tap. There can never be a better time to spend money to present the show. Star wars rebels Now Disney + is streaming on the streaming service.

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