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Demonetisation competition is as fierce as it has ever been with highly valuable productivity startups fighting for audiences, which can potentially serve endless productivity. In the past year, Noyan rose to a valuation of $ 2 billion, with Koda raising $ 636 million and Roam raising $ 200 million.

A new contestant in space is sneaking out with new funding from Andreessen Horowitz. The free app, called ME, is an early access platform dedicated to pushing users down their ideas quickly without focusing too much on their underlying organization. The founders of the startup have big ambitions about what their platform could be down the road, tapping into machine learning and even moving into AR.

“Is really discrimination [information] Wherever you are is ubiquitous, ”mem co-founder Kevin Moody tells ClearTips. “So, in the near term, imagine a contact lens in the medium term, wherever you are, through your desktop app as a head up display with the Mem Spotlight, and then in the long term, contact lenses Do what is useful. Stuff for you in the world. “

Moody and his co-founder Dennis Xu tell TechChurch that they dreamers of their cultural leadership fund Will Smith. It has raised $ 5.6 million in a seed round with additional participation from PVC, Floodgate, Unusit Ventures and Shrug Capital. The round also hosted many other angels as well as other investors including Harry Stabbings, Julia Lipton, Tony Liu, Rahul Vohra and Todd Goldberg.

In its current iteration, memes push their users toward “lightweight organization” rather than clicking through folders and links to find the right place to correct their ideas. Users can quickly tag users or dedicated topics in their notes. User workflow relies heavily on search and chronological organization, presenting users with their recently accessed notes. Users can also set reminders for some notes, bringing a popular email framework to note.

For users of stock apps like Apple Notes, these interface quirks may not seem too annoying, although the design is still a departure from apps like Notion and Airtable, which have focused too much on the structure of immediacy.

Meme spotlight

Perhaps the biggest shift of memes is how users access the information dumped into the platform. The founders say they want to avoid seeing their app as a “destination”, instead users expect them to rely too heavily on a keyboard-shortcut-inspired overlay called Mem-Spotlight, which gives them information Allows them to search for whatever email, presentation or text message they may need. The widespread hope of the founders and investors behind the meme is that the team can leverage the intelligence of the platform over time to better understand the data dump from your brain – and possibly to learn other information sources on your digital footprint For – to know you better than any advertising network. Social media graph

According to Moody Possits, “What would it mean to capture and then use your digital footprint digitally.” “If we could actually do all these entities modeling our own memes, be it text, or maybe it was contacts, people you know, or it’s events you’re going through and These different sources feed into memes, does this mean that memes have a product that is an ‘you’ API?

For now, the startup’s app isn’t quite as grand as what the founders might see in their future, but as the memes continue to add early users from their waitlist and add to their desktop functionality, the company moves towards a platform Increasing. Hopefully, how its users “remember” information is more important.

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