Notable Health seeks to improve COVID-19 vaccine administration through intelligent automation – ClearTips

Notable Health seeks to improve COVID-19 vaccine administration through intelligent automation – TechCrunch

Efficient and cost-effective vaccine delivery remains one of the biggest challenges of 2021, so it is no surprise that the startup Notable Health wants to use its automation platform to help. Initially started in 2017 to address remarkable health, an annual administrative cost of approximately $ 250 billion in healthcare, using automation to transform time-consuming and repetitively simple tasks into a healthcare industry administrator. Earlier this year, he announced plans to use that technology to help manage vaccine delivery.

“As a physician, I first noticed that with any patient encounter, there are 90 steps or touch points that need to happen,” noted Muthu Alagappan, director of noted health medicine. “It is our hypothesis that the vast majority of those points can be automated.”

Core Technology of Notable Health is a platform that uses robotic process automation (RPA), natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to find patients eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Combined with the data provided by electronic health records of hospital systems, the platform helps vaccinate qualified people who set up appointments and guide them to other relevant educational resources.

“By leveraging intelligent automation to identify intelligent outreach, educated and educated patients, the health system can develop efficient and equitable vaccine delivery workflows,” noted health strategic advisor and member of the Biden Transition COVID-19 Advisory Committee. Ezekiel Emanuel said in a press release. .

Vaccine appointments have been particularly difficult for older Americans, many of whom have reportedly clashed with scheduling websites. Alagappan sees this as a design problem. “Technology often gains a poor reputation, as it is hampered by many poor technology experiences that are out there,” he said.

Rather, he thinks that remarkable health has taken the user into consideration through a more simplified approach, asking users for basic and easy-to-remember information only through text message links. “It emphasizes user-centered design which I think still allows us to have a really good engagement rate with older populations,” he said.

Although the startup’s platform will help hospitals and health systems develop more efficient approaches to immunization, the use of RPA and NLP holds promise for future optimization in healthcare. Leaders of similar technology in other industries have already moved to multibillion dollar valuations and continue to attract investor interest.

Artificial intelligence is expected to grow in healthcare over the next several years, but Alagappan argues that more readily available intelligent technologies, in conjunction with others, are also an important step towards better care. “When we say intelligent automation, we’re actually referring to a marriage of two concepts: artificial intelligence – one who wants to know what to do – and robotic process automation – who know how to do it.” They said. The dual approach he says allows Notable Health to bypass the health-related administrative hiccups, instructing the bot to perform those tasks in an efficient and favorable manner.

So far, Notable Health has worked with several hospital systems in several states to use their platform for vaccination delivery and scheduling, and are now using the platform to reach thousands of patients per day.

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