Nobody Preview Shows Bob Odenkirk Turning His Dad Bod Into a Pumped-Up Revenge Machine

Move over Chris Hemsworth, the city has a new superhero. better call Saul Star Bob Odenkirk has shared some behind-the-scenes looks for himself as an action hero for the upcoming thriller None And the question is, who is Chris Hemsworth? While the actor did not need to get in the same aesthetically impressive shape as the likes of Marvel Chris’ Hemsworth, Pine and Evans, Odenkirk had to physically push himself to be in a “very different” character . None.

“I had to do a lot of training to do the role. So I got in pretty good shape … for a 58-year-old dad, who was a comedy writer for 25 years and didn’t work at all.”

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Bob odenkirk Managed to fit into the war by training with John wick Stunt-actor Daniel Barnhart, and completing a workout that included circuit training, boxing, biking and a whole bunch of body weight butts. Although Odenkirk may not look very different at a glance, the results are clear from the footage None, which consists of Breaking bed Starr sent several attackers with Apalamb.

None Centering on Odenkirk as Hutch Mansal, is a weak and unseen father and husband who takes life’s stagnation on the chin and never retreats. No one. When two thieves sneak into their suburban home one night, Hutch hopes to prevent serious violence, to protect himself or his family. His teenage son, Blake, disappoints him and his wife, Becca only seems to pull further away. The event is followed by a match to Hutch’s long-tempered rage, which triggers a passive instinct and propels him on a cruel path that will surface dark secrets and deadly skills. In a clutch of fists, gunfire, and squeezing tires, Hutch must save his family from a dangerous catastrophe – and ensure that he will never be underestimated again.

It is no wonder that the actor has worked so hard None, Because the idea for the story was inspired by real-life events following her experience with multiple break-ins. He said, “I think I handled them well, but you can’t help but wish you more like this.” “I thought I would work with that dark energy to see if there was a story there.”

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Ilia Nayushuller (Hardcore henry), By a script by Derek Kolestad, the architect of the legend John wick Franchise, None Hutch’s father co-starred as well-known Emmy winner Christopher Lloyd and Hutch’s brother as multi-musician-actor RZA, whose own disguised talent aids Heng in his quest for vengeance. The rest of the supporting cast is produced by Connie Nielsen as Becca Mansel, Hutch’s wife, Aleksey Seribryakov as Carnegie, a Russian drug lord who plans to kill Hutch and his family, Blake Mensal as Gang Munro, Hutch Son of, and Paisley Sidorth as Sammy. Mansell’s daughter Mansell.

The film has a lot of action behind it with filmmakers like Kelly McCormick and David Leach Fast and Furious presentations: Hobbs and Shaw, Deadpool 2 And Nuclear blonde On board as producer. None Theatrical release is scheduled to be released in the United States on April 12,2021 by Universal Pictures. It comes to us courtesy of Men’s Health.

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