No, Elon Musk's Neuralink startup doesn't have tech to 'build real Jurassic Park'

Neuralink is not building dinosaurs, but it is doing some cool brain experiments.

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Last time we heard from Elon Musk’s brain-transplant startup, Neuralink, had implanted a small, coin-shaped device in the pig’s brain and heard the signals it produced. Oysters Where is the transplant It was like “a Fitbit in your skull” during a press conference in August last year, but the company was still a long way from bringing the product to market.

So, in Wednesday’s various publications, it seemed a bit strange to read that “Neuralink has the technology to build a real Jurassic park.” The comments, according to the New York Post, were attributed to Neurolink co-founder Max Hodak and he was immediately retracted in a tweet.

“If we wanted, we could probably build Jurassic Park,” Hodak tweeted on Saturday. “They won’t be genetically authentic dinosaurs, but novel may have 15 years of reproduction + engineering to obtain super alien novel species,” he continued.

The tweet, and a subsequent announcement about biodiversity, make no mention of Neuralink, but that speculation has not stopped, presumably due to the use of the word Hodak “we”. It appears that Hodak was talking about humanity, not the company he co-founded, but you wouldn’t know from the report.

We reached out to Neuralink to confirm Hodak’s comments, but did not hear back at the time of publication, possibly because the company is Real Working on science rather than field questions about the impossible dinosaur resurgence.

And it is very impossible to survive a dinosaur. The science of bringing dinosaurs back from the dead is not really as sound as Hodgak seems to think it is, however. Even humanity will have a hard time building Jurassic Park in the next 15 years. First of all, we will need some DNA from prehistoric persecutors and completely infer that information, unlike the film Jurassic Park, where DNA is recovered from mosquitoes in amber and frogs are fused with DNA.

However, more recently extinct animals, like the woolly mammoth, may be a good target for “de-extinction”. We can still extract DNA from these creatures and theoretically build and implant a giant embryo in a modern-day elephant. The question is: should we? Jurassic Park does not provide a very good reason, but mammoths are not quite as blood as Trannosaurus XX.

For Neuralink, The startup has produced two interesting press briefings in the last two years. In 2019, the Neuralink device debuted and made steady progress in the following year, when pig transplantation was revealed. But the information is still scant: Musk and Neuralink have published a scientific paper, in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, back in October 2019.

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