Yes It’s True, What to Do Now?

In this article, you will get to know about the No Checks for SSI in January: Yes It’s True, What to Do Now? The Supplemental Security Income is a federal assistance program that delivers monthly assistance to disabled Americans. The SSI program helps the recipient with their living cost, which aid is administrated through Social Security. For the year 2024, the beneficiaries of this program will not receive any supplemental income for the month of Jan 2024. To know further related details regarding the No Checks for SSI in January, what to do, and for more information, continue browsing this article.

No Checks for SSI in January

The Social Security Administration offers the Supplemental Security Income payment to Americans every month. These are the federal supplements that are made to help the individual with their disability. But, for the SSI recipients, there is bad news: They will not receive any of the SSI check payments in January. The recipient will continue receiving their SSI checks starting February 2024.

There are No Checks for SSI in January because the federal authorities provided this check payment on the first day of each month. For Jan 2024, the first is considered a public holiday for the occasion of the New Year. So, the Federal Government has decided and deliver the SSI payment of Jan 2024 on 29 Dec 2023. Due to this, there will be no supplemental security income payment in January.

What is SSI?

The Supplemental Security Income is a federal program that delivers monthly assistance benefits to people with physical or mental disability and older recipients. The SSI payments are offered and administrated by Social Security to recipients with limited income and resources and those over the age of 64 years with disability. The SSI program is different from social security, but the recipients are able to claim both of these benefits together. For 2024, the eligible recipient will receive monthly assistance of $943, and couples will receive $1,415.

No Checks for SSI in January

The SSI is the financial support for disabled old age Americans with aims to ensure a basic living income to cover federal living expenses. These benefits are programmed on the basis of some legal eligibility criteria that include individuals the age of 65 years or over, adults, and children with disability or blindness who meet some specific medical criteria. Along with this, the benefits are also considered with the individual income in which the recipient’s maximum resource limit needs to be within 2K USD to 3K USD with the proper residency and American citizenship.

Yes It’s True, What to Do Now?

Yes, there will be no checks for SSI for Jan 2024 because the beneficiaries of this federal program are granted their Jan assistance on 29 Dec 2023. For 2024, the SSI payment is made earlier because the supplements are assisted on 1 day of each month, and for 2024 the 1 day is denoted as a national holiday for every year.

If you are a Supplemental Security Income beneficiary and are not getting the SSI payment in Jan 2024, then you have to check your assistance status because the federal government has delivered their Jan 2024 assistance in the month of Dec 2023. From 2024, the SSI recipient will get 3.2 per cent additional income on their supplemental income. In 2024, the recipient will receive their first SSI payment in Feb with the increased supplements.

So, yes, it’s true that there will be no SSI payment, and the recipient has to check whether they received their Jan 2024 benefits on 29 Dec 2023 or not. If someone has not received their monthly benefits for Jan in Dec 2023, then they have to contact the Social Security Administration at 1800 772 1213 or at 1800 325 0778 ( for TTY). Along with this, you can also email your queries to

There are No Checks for SSI in January because of the public holiday, and this happens every year. The supplements are granted on 1st day of every month, and Jan 1st is considered as a national holiday. So, all the SSI beneficiaries were granted their federal aid in Dec 2023, and someone who has not received their grants till now then they have to contact the federal authorities with the above-mentioned helpline.


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