Nina Parker & Justin Sylvester Contrast Capitol Riots & BLM Protests

Nina Parker & Justin Sylvester Contrast Capitol Riots & BLM Protests

Washington DC descended into chaos on Wednesday 6 January, when a mob of presidents Donald TrumpSupporters flocked to the American Capitol.

Daesh saw rioters clash with police, smash windows and smash through barricades — eventually forcing Congress to evacuate parts of the building — and by the end of the day, according to NBC News, four People were killed, a noise was not made outside, and at least one improvised explosive device was found on the ground.

For many, this is the question: Why was the police not the same as last year’s Black Lives Matter protest at the Capitol? In DC and across the US, protesters gathered throughout the summer to peacefully protest police brutality and racial injustice, but according to CNN, they were regularly met with tear gas, violence and arrests.

Why? For e! Nina ParkerThe answer is clear.

“For me, I’m really tired of just looking at two different narratives,” she told the co-host Justin sylvester And Carissa Kaliner On Thursday 7 January Daily pop. “Obviously, Justin, you were protesting over the summer. You were on the streets. And there were a lot of things that we were discussing and watching. You know, Justin was telling us how he was Were outside and protesting peacefully and how they were. Met mace and people were being hit by rubber bullets. And then I see people meeting in the Capitol. I’ve talked to people who D.C. I’m in, who said to me, ‘Girl, you can’t drive a certain way. You can’t even cross a barrier to take a photo, and there are literally gun guys aimed at you Have to say for.

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