Nikki Tamboli’s journey in Bigg Boss 14: Of fights, friendship and fun

Before deciding to participate in television’s most popular TV reality show, Bigg Boss 14. Nikki Tamboli was not a name that was a very well-known actress who worked in some Tamil and Telugu films. But now, after spending almost four and a half months inside Bigg Boss house, Nikki has become a household name.

When she entered the house, she believed she could be herself and did not need to be fake because she did not need to maintain an image like many celebrities. “I can showcase my personality from day one, while others may have an image to maintain. Bigg Boss is a show where you cannot fake or act. And most of these television actors pretend to be the character they play. I think the audience doesn’t know me, but I’m sure they will love me too. ” Nikki told

The 23-year-old won the hearts of ‘Tofani Seniors’ Siddharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan in the first week itself. He made his intentions clear from day one: ‘I am here to win, and not to make friends or have relationships. And, Nikki followed the mantra to the very end.

Today, as the actor’s fans wait for him to lift the trophy of Bigg Boss 14, we take him through his journey, which was full of ups and downs.

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Nikki Tamboli became the first confirmed contestant

Tofni Seniors Siddharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan were chosen between Nikki and Pavithra Punia. The trio chose Nikki because they said she is a stronger personality, more entertaining and has a passion for the show. In this way, the model-actor achieved the status of med confirmed contestant from ‘how to be confirmed’.

Nikki Tamboli befriends Jaan Kumar Sanu

Singer Jan Kumar Sanu was Nikki’s first friend at home, who later fell in love with her as well. But Nikki never rejected Jan’s feelings. She often accused him of insulting her and even kissing her despite her not telling him her. But, during a task, Nikki also destroys her blanket to save Jan from nomination. Eventually, Nikki and Jan’s love-hate relationship caught many eyes and became a highlight of this season of Bigg Boss.

Nikki Tamboli expulsion and withdrawal

Nikki had to leave the house after receiving the least votes from viewers in December. His removal shocked many of his fans, who demanded his return. The makers returned to the show with six challengers Arshi Khan, Kashmeera Shah, Vikas Gupta, Rakhi Sawant, Manu Punjabi and Rahul Mahajan. But this time, the audience saw a change in Nikki and she returned with a different perspective. The actor understood that it is important to have relationships inside the house to survive.

Nikki Tamboli’s battle with Rakhi Sawant

Although the two women entered the show together, they could not open their eyes for a moment. They often fought each other, and their quarrels worsened day by day. Rakhi often used derogatory words for Nikki and even commented on her character. Nikki did not take Rakhi’s derogatory words lightly and gave the dancer-actor a taste of her medicine. On one occasion, when Rakhi makes fun of Nikki’s cosmetic products and her face, the actor tells her that at least she has an ‘original’ face and not a ‘plastic’ one like Rakhi.

Nikki Tamboli’s sister with Rubina Dilac

Throughout her stay, Nikki formed only a genuine bond with Rubina Dilac. In the early days, she mocked the Shakti actor for becoming a ‘teacher’ and did not let her husband Abhinav Shukla speak, but after her return, Nikki became close to Rubina. She supported Rubina and stood by her during her fights with other contestants. Their bond became so strong that it was Rubina that made Nikki become the show’s first finalist.

Nikki has played the game like a pro. Whether she becomes the winner now or not will be known on 21 February.

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