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The Nigerian government, through its Ministry of Information and Culture, today announced its decision to suspend the activities of the social media platform Twitter in the country.

The statement made by the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohamed, and signed by his media colleague Segun Adeyemi, could block telecommunications in the country preventing Nigerians from using Twitter.

Here is the statement issued by the ministry:

The federal government has indefinitely suspended the operation of microblogging and social networking service Twitter in Nigeria. The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohamed, announced the suspension in a statement issued in Abuja on Friday, citing the current use of the platform for activities capable of undermining Nigeria’s corporate existence.

The minister said that the federal government has also directed the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to immediately begin the process of licensing all OTT and social media operations in Nigeria.

Today’s announcement is the culmination of events that happened last week. Yesterday, Twitter removed tweets and videos of President Muhammadu Buhari threatening a sect called the IPOB in the southeastern part of the country. The social media platform decided to take action after several calls by Nigerians to remove the tweet. Following that decision, Mr Mohamed pulled out Twitter, saying the social media company was biased in its decision and cast doubt on the platform’s intentions in the country.

We have reached out to Twitter for comments.

This is a developing story…

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