Nicolas Cage Begins Shooting His Meta Movie, Here’s a First Look at the Madness

Filming what is nicholas cage’s magnum opus Unbearable weight of huge talent, Now an ensemble with the spotted actor in Croatia, whom only he can pull off. Wearing a bright pink leather jacket adorned with angel wings, Cage is also seen wearing a mask as he prepares to play a taunt of his own in the film.

Cage’s fabulous jacket also has a great feature Superman Emblem on the back, no doubt playing a man of steel in a nearly unsuccessful project for the tongue-in-cheek actor Superman lives A few years ago. What we know about Unbearable weight of huge talentExpect many more Nicolas Cage Related Eigster Eggs When the film hits theaters next year.

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Unbearable weight of huge talent Mandorian also stars Pedro Pascal, who also appears while filming alongside Cage, setting the story to follow the “fictional, creatively unfinished Nicolas Cage”, in the face of financial ruin. , Accepts a $ 1 million offer to attend a birthday. A superfan, played by Pascal. When things take a wildly dangerous turn, Cage is forced to live his own legend, broadcasting his most iconic and beloved on-screen characters to save himself and his loved ones. “Pascal’s characterization is not” all that he seems to be, suggesting that ” Unbearable weight of huge talent Will be full of twists and turns, leaving Cage no doubt the best he has done, eating the scenes.

Girls trip Star Tiffany Hadish recently got involved in a bizarrely stunning sounding project, in which the actress and comedian played a cynical crook government agent named Vivian, bringing Cage down to one of the ridiculous, black ops Forces to attempt to carry. The world’s largest criminal organization.

Unbearable weight of huge talent Should be a complete treat for fans of the actor, with Cage recently revealed that he would need to recreate moments from some of his greatest films, including beloved action classics con Air And To face. Cage said of the project earlier this year, “This is a stylish version for me, and the fact also makes me refer to myself in the third person, which makes me very uncomfortable.” “There are many scenes in the film where modern or contemporary – here we go – ‘Nick Cage’ and then the young ‘Nick Cage’ colliding and arguing and grappling with it. It’s an artistic approach to acting. I’m probably going to. Have to look at a couple of films from the past again, because I think we’re going to reapply some of those sequences. This is the Dr. Calgary version of Con Air and Face / Off K likes to walk through the cabinet. “

Unbearable weight of huge talent Being directed by That weird moment Based on Tom Gormican and a screenplay he has written with Kevin Aten. Kevin Turren will also produce the film. Unbearable weight of huge talent It is scheduled to hit theaters on March 19, 2021. Unbearable weight of huge talent Comes from Lionsgate.

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