Nicola Coughlan Talks Bridgerton “Color-Blind” Casting Concerns

Nicola Coughlan Talks Bridgerton "Color-Blind" Casting Concerns

Nicola Coughlan Hopefully Bridgerton Will always help change the way people think about period pieces.

The actress, who starred as Penelope Feedington in the hit Netflix drama series, appeared on the British Day talk show today morning On Tuesday, January 12. During the trip, Nicola revealed that her conversation with the co-star Adoja Andoh He was helped to understand the importance of how his show handled people of color.

“I’m talking to Adjoa Andoh … who is as brilliant as Lady Danbury,” she said. “I said, ‘Color-blind casting, that’s great, it’s totally the right thing.’ And he said, ‘Well, it’s not in a way, because it eradicates race and eradicates people’s struggle.’ And I thought, that had never happened to me, and I think that the world we have created is completely a renaissance world, a fantasy. “

Despite how it turned out, Nicola is proud that the audience has clearly captured the vision of the show which is based on the book series Julia quinn And stars too Reggae-gene page Simon as Duke of Hastings and Phoebe dienever Daphne as Bridgerton.

“I’ll tell people, ‘You can see game of Thrones, And you can completely suspend your disbelief that there are dragons in this world, “” she continued. ” Bridgerton, You can suspend your disbelief that we have a Kali Queen and a Kali Duke, and they are the most brilliant actors. “

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