Nick Jonas Fractured His Rib While Filming Olympic Dreams Special

Nick Jonas reveals he had to be hospitalized after fractured his rib while filming NBC Olympic Dreams Featuring the Jonas Brothers. The BMX crash happened earlier in May, and it aired at the end of last night’s premiere. The injuries were not life threatening, you would be amazed at his activities after the accident.

“I feel like the tape speaks for itself,” Nick Jonas Said in a press conference made at the end of the special. “I always give 110 percent, and sometimes that puts you to sleep. In this case, it gave me a fractured rib, a bruised tailbone, and a hospital dinner. But I’m recovering. To ask Thanks, next question.”

he told entertainment tonight Before the premiere of the special, “Something got caught, dirt on the bike and just fell. But again, I feel good, amazingly, all things considered. I was immediately back in my voile chair. , kind of said, ‘Listen, I won’t let this slow you down.'” The brothers trained with professional athletes and competed with each other in Olympic events, including gymnastics, track, and biking. During BMX racing, Nick Jonas rounded a curve, spinning and nearly causing the Jonas brothers to pile up. Had to bring an ambulance for Voice Coach.

On the May 17 show, host Carson Daly opened a singing contest to ask about his accident. “Before we get started, let’s turn to our friend, Nick Jonas. How are you feeling, friend?” Carson asked. Nick replied, “I feel fine. I’ve gotten better, but I’m doing fine,” before explaining the extent of his injuries. “I just want to go ahead and say that, if I’m not usually physically enthusiastic. But Blake, please don’t make me laugh that much, because it hurts to laugh,” Koch said.

Blake Shelton jibes, “You’re trying to get sympathy votes on this show. That’s all you’re doing.” Nick chimed in: “It’s a big, elaborate plan.” Daly wished the singer, “Well, we’re glad you’re okay. We’re glad you’re here. It means a lot to your team.” Nick replied, “Yeah, me too, of course. Glad to be here. Team can’t wait to make Nick and all the other teams happy. I’m really glad I’m here today.”

A few days later, the Jonas brothers took the stage to perform at the 2021 Billboard Awards. “It’s a surreal feeling,” says Nick, “our dad raised us to study Billboard charts and magazine. So we used to go to Virgin Megastore and watch Billboard magazine every week and dream of being on it. And now here we are.”

He played the new song ‘Remember This’ and a mix of his hits. “We’re performing this for the first time and actually for the first time we’re performing live in front of a crowd in a year and a half,” Nick says, the singer shared. “The song’s name is ‘Remember This.’ It’s going to be a big part of NBC’s broadcast of the Olympics.”

I believe him when he says he gives 110%. With a fractured rib, injured tailbone and a hospital stay, he went on to film Voice, then perform at the Billboard Music Awards. This was all in one week. The man is invincible. This news comes via Entertainment Weekly.

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