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Nick Jonas Breaks His Silence After Suffering Bike Accident Injuries

Nick Jonas A bike accident caused multiple injuries and has now returned to work, he revealed during filming sound On Monday, 17 May.

On the set of the live NBC singing competition, Nick shared that he broke his rib after taking “a spill on the bike” and also suffered “some other bumps and bruises”.

At the beginning of a new episode of sound, Host Carson’s Daily Turned to Jonas Brothers Starr to address recent reports about his accident. “Before we start, let’s turn to our friend, Nick Jonas. How are you feeling, friend?” Carson asked.

Nick, 28, replied, “I’m feeling fine. I’ve gotten better, but I’m doing fine,” before explaining the extent of his injuries.

“I just want to go ahead and say that, if I’m not usually physically enthusiastic. But Blake, please don’t make me laugh that much because it hurts to laugh,” said the coach.

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