Paramount, Hasbro and Eon talk about the future of the Transformers franchise. He currently has several different films based on the iconic toy line in the works. Now, one of the films on the roster has set its sights on a star, alongside Anthony Ramos Hamilton Fame, is being targeted to lead the next installment. A deal has to be done, this will be another big project for Ramos, which is on a lot of growth right now.

According to a new report, Anthony Ramos Is in the final conversation to chat in Transformer The film is being directed by Steven Couple Jr. The filmmaker is known for his work Creed II. This is the project written by Joby Harold (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword) Belongs to. At one point, the studio was simultaneously developing two projects within the franchise, another being written by James Vanderbilt (Amount) Belongs to. Eventually, Harold’s script was pushed forward, with Capley tapped to direct. Now, he seems to have found a prominent figure in Ramos.

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The chemical test is expected to take place soon. While there is no female lead on Kiki Lanne (Old guard) And Dominic Fischbach (Project power) Is called in the list of studios. As Anthony Ramos, this is yet another major film being added to his growing resume. Apart from acting in the acclaimed Hamilton, He also surfaced Godzilla: King of Demons As well as A star was born. Recently, he appeared with Liam Neeson Honest thief. Ramos will appear in music soon In heights, Which was originally scheduled to arrive last year, but was delayed due to movie theaters closing in the US and around the world.

As mentioned, this is just one of the many Transformers films Paramount, Hasbro and Eon are doing up. We recently learned Charm City Kings Filmmaker Angel Manuel Soto is developing a mystery film, developing a hypothesis-based robot. There is also an animated feature in development from Josh Cooley (Toy story 4) Belongs to. We have also heard of a potential Animal wars By-product. Finally, director Travis Knight has a sequel Bumble-bee, Which was the first entry in the franchise directed by Michael Bay, was in development at one point or another. It is still unclear whether it is moving forward, as we have not heard any update on that front in some time.

While Bey’s Prasad hit a point of low return with 2017 The last night $ 500 million less than 2014 earnings age of ExtinctionThe studio is confident that there is gas in the tank. Bumble-bee Seriously outperformed and earned $ 465 million, which was good given its relatively low budget. To date, the series has grossed over $ 4.8 billion. We will make sure you keep posting as any further details on the project are provided. This news comes to us via Deadline.

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