Next Mr. Bean Movie Is Animated Because Rowan Atkinson Hates Playing the Character

Because he doesn’t like to play Rowan Atkinson’s character Mister Bean The film will be animated. As an actor, he has certainly shined in other roles, but Atkinson described the character as “a child in the body of an older man”, perhaps his most famous. Rowan Atkinson Now playing the role for over three decades, starting with the original sitcom and later reprising the role in two theatrical films.

Speaking with the Radio Times, Atkinson says he is now “in the foothills” to make his Mr. Bean Animated Movie. He also revealed that playing a goofy character is not as fun for Atkinson as it might seem. From the interview. The actor says this.

“It’s easy for me to do the character visually. I don’t enjoy playing her too much. The weight of responsibility is not pleasant. I find it stressful and tedious and I’m waiting for its end.”

Are playing Mister Bean There may not be a happy thing for Atkinson, but the actor is stuck with the character due to his popularity worldwide.

“The success of Mr. Bean has never surprised me. Watching an adult behave childish is fundamentally fun without being remotely aware of its unfairness. It’s actually a comedy scene rather than verbal, it’s internationally. But has also been successful. “

Atkinson debuted as an eccentric character in the original British sitcom Mister Bean, Appearing in 15 episodes between 190 and 195. Garnering a rant with the audience and receiving widespread acclaim, the series was adapted as a film The beans In 1997 by director Mel Smith. Along with Atkinson, the film stars Burt Reynolds, Peter McNicol, Pamela Reid, Sandra Oh and Harris Yulin. The comedy was a tremendous success at the box office, banking over $ 251 million against its $ 18 million budget.

A decade after the release of The beans, Atkinson played for the 2007 sequel Mr. Bean’s Holiday. Directed by Steve Bendelac, the story goes wrong as Mr. Bean goes on a vacation trip, as he unwittingly airs at the Cannes Film Festival. Emma De Kons, Max Baldry and Willem Defoe also star. Like the original, the film was a big hitter with ticket buyers, grossing over $ 232 million with a budget of $ 25 million.

Atkinson voiced Mr. Bean in an animated series adaptation. In five seasons between 2002 and 2019, the series currently has 130 episodes. No animated yet Mister Bean Film, and it is not yet clear whether the film refers to Atkinson releasing in theaters or if it will be a TV film.

Atkinson also said in interviews that reviving his classic comedy series Black joiner “Certainly not impossible,” though he admitted that it would be difficult to recapture the same spirit of the original show. “As optimistic as I can be and I won’t speculate on when it can be set,” he explained. “Black joiner We all had creative energy in the 80s. Trying to reiterate that 30 years will not be easy. “This news has come to us from Radio Times.

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