New Pet Sematary Movie Is Happening at Paramount+ with Director Lindsey Beer

After a very mixed reaction to the recent reboot, work is underway on a fourth Pet Sematary film. Back in 1989, the first, pet Sematary The film was released, and to date, it remains one of the most popular Stephen King adaptations. Upon its release in 2019, the remake received a lot of mixed reviews, although it performed well at the box office, grossing over $ 113 million.

Now, the Paramount players are returning to the road that is rapidly gaining momentum with the next installment of the franchise. Per deadline, Lindsey Beer Has signed on to direct the new film, which is said to be a follow-up to the 2019 reboot. After Mary Lambert directed the original Pet Seminary and its 1992 sequel, the studio reportedly wanted to return to the film’s roots with the direction of a female filmmaker. In addition to directing, Beer wrote the latest script based on Jeff Buhler’s previous draft.

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No plot details have been given about the sequel, and there is no word yet on whether any returning character will be displayed. Both originals. In pet Sematary And the 2019 remake, an unhappy father bury his child in an ancient cemetery, which has disastrous consequences, though the remake puts a major twist in the story. It was reported back in February that a pet Sematary Prequal was working with Buehler writing at Paramount +, although it is unclear whether Beer’s version of the script would also serve as a prequel.

First of all pet Sematary The film was released in 1989. Based on the novel by Stephen King, King wrote the screenplay with Mary Lambert directing. Dale Midkiff, Dennis Crosby, Fred Gwynn, Blaise Berdahl and Miko Hughes starred. In the film, the young Gage Creed (Hughes) is brought back from the dead after his father (Midkiff) is buried in the titular cemetery against the advice of neighbor Jude Crandall (Gwenne). It is a cult classic and is widely considered to be one of the best King conversions ever made.

In 1992, Edward Furlong starred Pet Cemetery As a teenager who discovers an ancient cemetery after a cult family incident. Clancy Brown also stars as Gus, an angry policeman who comes back as a deadly zombie when he is accidentally killed and buried in a cemetery. Although Brown’s performance was particularly well received and Lambert returned to directing, the film was not as successful as its predecessor, although it has its own following.

Likewise, the 2019 remake received mixed reviews. Written by Buhler, the film was directed by Kevin Kolush and Dennis Wiedmeyer, starring Jason Clarke, Amy Semetz, John Lithgow and Jet Lawrence. It was a box office success, but the mixed response would have helped convince Paramount that the new film might be better suited to a streaming service rather than a theatrical release.

The new pet Sematary The sequel will debut exclusively on Paramount +. Lorenzo di Bonavantura and Mark Vahradian are producing the project. No release date has been set yet. This news comes to us from the deadline.

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