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New Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Details Revealed

A new Entertainment Weekly interview looking at the past and future of Marvel Games has revealed more about it Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The game will take place a year after the first title and will be a coming-of-age story that piles Miles into a war between a massive energy corporation and a criminal syndicate that threatens to destroy the home of little Spider-Man. Harlem.

Brian Horton, the game’s director, reaffirmed that the spinoff would take place during the winter and within its scope Unsolved: The Lost Legacy. Horton elaborated on why he chose this format for Miles for the first time as a superhero, stating that a more compact style allows for a more personal story to be told. Despite this, the game director assured that the title would contain a “full story arc”.

The game will feature Peter Parker as a mentor, helping Miles improve his spidery skills, with new ones such as Bioshock and Invisibility. Horton explained that these new abilities, paired with unique abilities, would make for a different experience of playing as Miles, with the powers being an extension of who Miles is as a character and his as the new Spider-Man Increase. Miles would be a more social character, his origins born out of thriving family bonds rather than the tragic loss of Peter’s uncle, which made veteran Spider-Man a more distant hero.

Miles was, of course, an incredibly important side character in the first game, even playable as a powerless binder in some areas. Insomniac’s creative director, Brian Etihara, announced that Miles was initially supposed to appear after one credit rather than as an integral character throughout the game.

Itihar and the team knew at the time, that they ultimately wanted to develop the young man as their Spider-Man, and made him realize the importance of sowing the seeds of his character, prompting him to be more involved in the story. . Before he is bitten by a radioactive spider. Subsequent credits suggest that Miles was debuting his wall-crawling abilities for Peter.

The article goes into more details regarding the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers Games and hints in upcoming Marvel Games announcements.

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