South Africa Petrol, Diesel and Gas Prices 2023 to 2024

Read about Fuel Price Changes 2024: South Africa Petrol, Diesel, and Gas Prices Change from 2023 to 2024. If you want to know the Fuel Price Changes for 2024, We will discuss not only fuel prices but also the factors that affect the pricing system. We have come up with the current data in this article and continue to get plenty of information.

Fuel Price Changes 2024

The variation in fuel prices in South Africa may differ from state to state majorly due to several taxes and subsidies imposed on the fuel. The petrol and diesel prices in South Africa will be rising in 2024 intending to create stable environmental conditions within the country. Changes in petroleum products such as petrol, diesel, paraffin, and gas are made by the government on the very first Wednesday of every month.

Several factors affect the fuel pricing mechanism in SA. The CEF officially makes the final calculation of the amount on the authority of the DOE. The international element that affects the pricing is the BFP. On the 8th of February, new fuel prices in the state will apply.

South Africa Petrol

In January 2024 the petrol prices decreased due to a fall in state levy by 26c/l. The general fuel levy and the road accident fund are highly responsible taxes that comprise almost half of the petrol prices in South Africa. Mostly South Africa imports crude oil and then refines the petrol from it.

Fuel Price Changes

In 2006 South Africa completely prohibited the use of lead petrol considering the health of the citizens. Leaded petrol is preferable for vehicles due to its antiknocking property within the engine. The odor of leaded petrol is sweet and pleasant. But if consider the health leaded petrol can even damage the brain cells of growing children.

Types Of Petrol

There are two kinds of petrol lead and unlead. The one which contains lead elements is lead. Technology has become so advanced that unleaded petrol is treated in such a way to make it more environmentally friendly in utilization. Many cases have been recorded on lead petrol in which memory loss in children is most common also immature growth in the reproductive organs in some is a matter of concern.

The government in South Africa should iniciate efforts on enforcing more use of LPG and CNG gases. Most countries have completely banned the use of leaded petrol. Even if you are a passenger in the outer country, and you have a vehicle that runs on lead gasoline you would not be allowed to take that vehicle further.

Diesel and Gas Prices Changes from 2023 to 2024

External and internal factors affect the pricing of the fuel. The external pricing depends on the dollar price of crude oil and the internal price on the cost of transportation, levy and taxes. The diesel prices were cut down in January which provided relief to all the automobilists. We have bifurcated the prices of both the year in a tabuluar form. Have a look at them.


2023 Price

2024 Price

Diesel 0.005%



Diesel 0.05%



LPG Gas(Kg)



Diesel and Gas prices fluctuate monthly. The data we have mentioned in the table is for December 2023 and January 2024. February has just stated the prices will change on the first Wednesday of the following month.

How To Save Money On Gasoline?

Considering the rising cost of gasoline in South Arfica we have decided to guide you with a few tips to save you hard earn a penny on gasoline bills.

  • Regularly keep a check on the tyre pressure and the timely servicing of a vehicle. For a smooth drive and also to save more.
  • Drive a car at a moderate speed and avoid unnecessary accelerations at a few points. Preplan your personal route to avoid trapping in heavy traffic.
  • Numerous fuel stations in SA will offer drivers reward programs.
  • Use public transportation such as buses and trains for travelling a long distance. For the nearest location use your bicycle.
  • Turn off the air conditioners in the car when not in need using it may increase fuel consumption.
  • Do not carry additional weight in your car while travelling.

These are a few ways by using them you can surely save more. Also to know about the government programs that will help you save on petrol prices are available. To know about them visit our website.


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