New F9 Images Reunite Dom, Letty and Han as Fast and Furious Races Into the Future

Fans have been waiting for over a year for the release of Fast and Furious 9, also known as F 9. The film is finally set for a theatrical release, and fans agree to discover the plot of the latest story about Dom aka Dominic Toretto and his crew of racing daredevils. In a recent interview with EW, Vin Diesel, who plays Dom, promised that the return of fan-favorite character Han F 9 Will be satisfactory and central to the ethos of Fast and furious Franchise.

“Han is an integral character in this franchise. If you remember, he is responsible for Dom Toretto’s distant years. He’s been working with him in Mexico, he’s the only one who knows where Dom is, And in many ways. The bridge to Dom is when Dom returns to Tokyo to drift. So there’s something very special and magical about the Han character. You’ll feel it when you watch the film, but I believe it’s a And the testament is, not only don’t back your point on the Dawn family, but don’t leave the family. Without taking away the plot, that’s the subject: don’t leave the family. “

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Han’s character, sung by Sung Kang, first appeared informally Fast and furious By-product Better luck tomorrow. After that, he jumped into the main continuation of the franchise The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Han continued to perform sporadically in the franchise as a close associate of Dom and his crew, until the character was killed during this time Fast & Furious 6.

Thus, the news that Han will return F 9 It was met with much surprise and excitement by fans who are eager to discover how Han was able to cheat death to fight for another day. according to this Vin Diesel, Fans are having to wait a long time to wait for the film F 9 Finally arrives in theaters.

“When you make a good film, your first goal is to make something that you can be proud of, and in the film business you learn from the beginning that even when the film is released, it’s still [global health emergency], Is rarely in your control. But when you really think about the quality of the film, you have more time to work in post-production, more time to correct the shots; It gives you a small pillow. I want to round out the film for all the great fans who are waiting for this chapter – and yet see the world in which we live. I can only say that when you watch the film you will be excited and, hopefully, you will be really, really happy. “

Directed by Justin Lim, F 9 With stars Vin Diesel, John Cena, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridge, Jordan Brewster, Nathalie Emanuel and Sung Kang, Helen Mirren, Charlese Theron and Cardi B. The film arrives in theaters on May 28. This news comes from Entertainment Weekly.

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