New Constantine TV Show Reportedly Happening at HBO Max with a Twist?

New description on one Constantine The series of works have reportedly surfaced in HBO Max. Last year, it was reported that JJ Abrams was developing a live-action Constantine Series for Streamer with Bad Robot Productions serving as a production company. Nothing more has been revealed about the adaptation of this small screen, but a new report sheds some light on the tone of the series.

According to The Illuminati, the HBO Max series will reunite John Constantine “with the darker character”. Written by Guy Bolton, the outlet also claims that the series will be “less focused on religion, more focused on horror elements” Constantine Comics. “As the series will be hosted on HBO Max, at this point no one is telling how dark the show can only get, but they will have the freedom to run as needed on the premium streamer.

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Rumor has it that the production team is looking for a lead actor who is expected to cast a “late 20s BIPOC actor” similar to young Ridge’s Ahmed. Illuminardi also reported that HBO Max and Abrams are not specifically targeting Ahmed to play the role of the new John Constantine, but in their quest to introduce a new version of the unique character from previous iterations “Using their form as a starting point”.

In addition to the HBO Max series, we may also get a followup in 2005 Constantine Film starring Keanu Reeves. In November, Lucifer actor Peter Stromare claimed that 2 consecutive His character was following up with an Instagram post that said, “Sequel in the Works.” Because there were rumors of a new one Constantine Film with a glimpse of the TV show, it is possible that we are seeing the two separately Constantine Projects are coming.

Matt Ryan plays John Constantine in Arrowverse. Between 2014 and 2015, he led a season of his own spinoff series for the network. While the series was short-lived, Ryan suggested viewership would be much higher on other networks. Luckily, for the actor, he got to play a role in Aerovarv with a guest role elsewhere in which he appeared arrow And Legends of tomorrow. Additionally, Ryan voiced John Constantine in the Con Seed animated web series Constantine: City of Demons.

Originating from DC Comics, John Constantine is a working-class enchanting and undercover detective working primarily out of London. After first appearance swamp Thing, Constantine began acting in his own comic series in 1988. Since then, his name has been taken on several online lists, competing with Batman and Superman as well as several other well-known superheroes in the rankings of the greatest comic book characters ever. Because their story is so deep, Constantine There is probably something that, as a show on the CW, has a better chance of succeeding outside of something to limit.

No production date or release information has been set yet Constantine Series on HBO Max. This story comes to us from The Illuminati.

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