New Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet adds more RAM, brighter display, ships May 26 starting at $150


New Fire HD 10 and Fire HD Plus with wireless charging ship on 26 May.


Amazon’s Fire HD 10 is the company’s largest and most powerful tablet, and it’s about to get even better. A new 2021 revision, launched on Tuesday, adds more RAM, a 10% brighter screen, and a slightly updated design. Like its 2019 predecessor, the new HD 10 starts at $ 150 (£ 150). The Step-Up Fire HD 10 Plus offers wireless charging, additional gigabyte RAM and a “soft touch, slate colored finish” for $ 30 more – $ 180 (£ 180). They are now available for preorder and will ship on 26 May.

Last year Amazon gave similar updates to its small Fire hd 8 Pill and also a couple Hd 8 plus With more RAM and wireless charging. Like that model, Amazon has now moved a 2-megapixel front-facing camera from the narrow “top”, making it more habitual to use in landscape mode. When you’re making video calls with Zoom and other apps, including Amazon. The new model seems slightly wider than the 2019 HD 10, but it is smaller and the bezel is now the same width around the entire display, which remains the size of 10 inches (technically 10.1 inches). According to Amazon, it is slightly thinner and lighter than the previous HD 10 (465g vs 504g).

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The new Fire HD 10 uses the same 2GHz Octacore MediaTek 8183 processor that powers the previous Fire HD 10. However, you’ll get some performance benefits from the bump in RAM: the standard HD 10 now comes with 3GB of RAM (from above) 2GB), while the HD Plus includes 4GB. Both Fire HD and HD 10 Plus are available with 32 GB or 64 GB of internal storage, as well as support for expandable storage up to 1 TB via microSD card.

The Fire HD 10 is available in four color options while the HD 10 Plus is available only in slate color (with a soft-touch finish).


Battery life is the same as you might get with the previous H10 – up to 12 hours for web browsing, watching videos, reading and listening to music.

As stated, the screen offers the same HD resolution (1,920×1,200 pixels), but is 10% brighter. While this display is faster than the display on the HD 8, more expensive tablets like Apple iPad And Samsung galaxy tab s7 Demonstrates superior performance with higher resolution.


The 720p front-facing camera is moved to the top of the tablet in landscape mode.


The new Kids version of the Fire HD 10 includes a “kid-proof” protective case, a two-year replacement guarantee and a one-year subscription Amazon Kids Plus Services – Fire HD 10 Kids starts at $ 200. In addition, Amazon is now offering Agni HD 10 and Agni HD 10 Plus productivity bundles, Starting at $ 220 (£ 220), including a 12-month subscription with Microsoft 365 Personal (1TB of premium Office apps, OneDrive cloud storage and more) and a Made for Amazon finty detachable keyboard case.

The HD10 Plus will charge wirelessly with most Qi wireless chargers (10 watts or higher) and also offers USB-C charging. Amazon states that the Amazon wireless charging dock manufactured by Anchor is available for $ 50 and can be purchased as a bundle with the Fire HD Plus Plus.


The new Productivity Bundle includes a detachable finty keyboard case.


Like all of Amazon’s recent tablets, the new Fire HD 10 has hands-free access to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, meaning that Alexa is always on, listening to your voice commands as the Echo speaker does, However you can turn the feature off and mute. Microphone. While the Fire tablet does not have an array of microphones that the Echo speaker has, when you dock the Fire HD 10 Plus into that anchor wireless charging dock, it essentially acts as an eco show, Automatically enter show mode when you dock it.

When they ship we will have a full review of the Fire HD 10 and HD 10 Plus.

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